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EANS-Adhoc: 2011 record year for PALFINGER

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- Further 30-per cent increase in revenue - historic record
- Exceptionally strong increase in earnings: EBIT + 83 per cent
- Internationalization and flexibility boost growth
- Revenue expected to remain at same high level in 2012
- Dividend of EUR 0.38 per share proposed

|EUR million             |2011     |%        |2010     |2009    |
|Revenue                 |845.7    |+ 29.7%  |651.8    |505.4   |
|EBIT                    |67.9     |+ 82.8%  |37.1     |(3.0)   |
|EBIT margin             |8.0%     |  -      |5.7%     |(0.6%)  |
|Dividend per share (EUR)|0.38*    |+ 72.7%  |0.22     |0.00    |

   * Proposal to the Annual General Meeting.

Salzburg, 3 February 2012

In the 2011 financial year, the  PALFINGER  Group  continued  the  clear  upward
trend of the previous year. After having increased revenue by  approximately  30
per cent in 2010 compared to 2009, PALFINGER achieved another 30-per  cent  rise
in 2011, posting the highest revenue in the history of Group.

Revenue rose from EUR 651.8 million in 2010 to EUR  845.7  million.  Apart  from
the recovery of the markets, the main  factor  enabling  PALFINGER  to  generate
this increase was the further expansion  of  both  its  markets  and  its  sales

EBIT (including associated companies) for the 2011 financial year  came  to  EUR
67.9 million, after EUR 37.1 million in the previous year, which corresponds  to
an increase of 82.8 per cent. As a consequence, the EBIT margin  rose  from  5.7
per cent in 2010 to 8.0 per cent. This achievement was made possible  first  and
foremost by the clear increase in demand, increased  productivity  and  capacity
utilization at the plants and the enhancement  of  flexibility  in  all  fields.
Substantial improvements in the product division Access  Platforms  also  had  a
positive effect. In the  European  business  unit  Hookloaders,  turnaround  was
achieved in 2011.

A look at the performance of the individual quarters of 2011  shows  the  upward
trend, even though the second half of the year was affected  by  the  fact  that
there were fewer working days  due  to  the  summer  company  holidays  and  the
Christmas holidays. Both revenue (Q1: EUR 191.6 million; Q2: EUR 222.7  million;
Q3: EUR 209.7 million; Q4: EUR 221.7 million) and EBIT (Q1:  EUR  15.1  million;
Q2: EUR 20.9 million; Q3: EUR 16.5 million; Q4: EUR 15.5  million)  reflect  the
successes achieved.

In line with PALFINGER´s dividend policy which provides that  approximately  one
third of the annual profit is to be distributed to shareholders, the  Management
Board is going to propose a dividend of EUR 0.38 per share  be  distributed  for
2011 (previous year: EUR 0.22 per share), resulting in an increase of  72.7  per
cent in payments made to shareholders.

In the 2011 financial year, cash flows from  operating  activities  amounted  to
EUR 37.7 million, compared to EUR 49.1 million in the previous year,  free  cash
flows increased from EUR 4.2 million to EUR 11.7 million.

In the second half of 2011 uncertainty in the European markets increased due  to
the re-emergence of economic turmoil,  causing  the  economic  mood  to  take  a
negative turn. The pursuit of internationalization, especially  outside  Europe,
is thus being continued. At the moment, the focus is on Asia and Russia,  where,
along with economic growth, the market potential of PALFINGER is on the rise  as
well. In Russia, PALFINGER has already taken a major step with  the  acquisition
of INMAN.  In  China,  another  important  future  market,  PALFINGER  has  been
promoting  target-oriented  strategic  development  to  increase   local   value

Against the backdrop of the uncertain development of  the  economy  and  demand,
the management expects a moderate increase in revenue,  especially  coming  from
the areas outside Europe, for the 2012 financial year. In  addition,  the  areas
North and South America and the  business  units  Access  Platforms  and  Marine
Systems are expected to make even more substantial contributions to earnings.

The full Annual Report  and  the  Annual  Financial  Report  for  2011  will  be
published on 16 February 2012.

Further inquiry note:
Hannes Roither, PALFINGER AG
Tel.: +43 662 46 84-2260

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