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07.10.2020 – 17:46

CSI Christian Solidarity International

CSI to Federal Councillor Cassis: "Real Danger of Genocide" in Nagorno Karabakh
Human Rights Group Urges Swiss Government to Stop Weapons Exports, Bring Aid

Binz (ots)

CSI has called on the Swiss Federal Council to take urgent action in response to the current Azerbaijani-Turkish-Syrian jihadist military offensive against Nagorno Karabakh, an autonomous enclave inhabited by Armenian Christians.

In a letter to the Swiss Foreign Minister Iganazio Cassis, Dr. John Eibner, the International President of CSI, warned, "there exists a real danger that this war will mark a new step in the Armenian Genocide, if great powers and regional actors do not respond quickly."

Azerbaijan launched its attack on Nagorno Karabakh on September 27. The assault has included the bombing of civilian areas, including the capital of Nagorno Karabakh, Stepanakert. Turkey, a member of NATO, is openly providing support for Azerbaijan's attack, and has brought thousands of jihadists from Syria to fight in Nagorno Karabakh. So far, only the small neighboring Republic of Armenia has come to Nagorno Karabakh's defense.

Armenian Christians were the victims of genocide in Turkey from 1915-1923, and in the early 1990s, Azerbaijani armed forces tried to ethnically cleanse Nagorno Karabakh of Armenians. The current war shows similar signs of genocidal intent. As Dr. Eibner noted in his letter, "When the President of Azerbaijan incites his people on national television by referring to the Armenians as 'dogs', we can be sure that conditions for genocide are ripening."

Eibner asked the Foreign Minister to "place high priority on genocide prevention and protection," and to rush humanitarian aid to Nagorno Karabakh, where thousands of civilians are already displaced. Eibner also urged that Switzerland ban any export of military material to the anti-Armenian coalition.

Finally, Eibner called on the Federal Council to break the longstanding political stalemate regarding the political status of Nagorno Karabakh by recognizing the right of the region's people to self-determination, a position strongly advocated by Switzerland in the case of Kosovo in the aftermath of its ethnic-sectarian conflict (1998-9).


Joel Veldkamp