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28.01.2005 – 18:10

Cannonball Run Europe Co. Ltd

/C O R R E C T I O N -- Cannonball Run Europe Co. Ltd./

    London (ots/PRNewswire)

In the news release, "Warner Brothers to Distribute Cannonball Run Europe's  "The Great Escape", World Film Premiere 02/05/05" issued on 28 Jan 2005  16:18 GMT, by Cannonball Run Europe Co. Ltd.  over PR Newswire, we are  advised by a representative of the company that the URL should read and not  as incorrectly transmitted by PR Newswire. Complete, corrected release follows:

      WHEN:        SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 05, 2005, 6:30PM, FIRST SEATING
      WHERE:      Screening:
                      THE REX Cinema & Bar, 21 Rupert Street,
                      LONDON, ENGLAND W1V 7FE
                      After Party:
                      Tiger Tiger - London
                      29 The Haymarket
                      London SW1Y 4SP
      COST:        GBP80.00 per Person
      INCLUDES: private cinema screening of The Great Escape, a beer or wine to
                      take in to the cinema, 3-course dinner with wine, and entry
                      into Tiger Tiger bar and nightclub.
      MEDIA:      For accreditation, contact Cannonball Run Europe Ltd at
                      +44-(0)1403-276191. Limited space available.

    "The Great Escape" - Cannonball Run Europe's 2004 DVD production will hit streets in a few short weeks and reach retailers world wide. Distribution territories include North America, South America, and Europe under distribution agreements with Warner Brothers, Destroy Entertainment, and X-Treme Video.

    But fans won't have to wait much longer to see the outrageous and controversial footage. The world premiere is being held in London's trendy Soho Village, at The Rex Cinema.


    After you thought you'd seen it all, Cannonball Run Europe does it again! Fast on the heels of the 2003 production of "Chasing the Cannonball", this year's "Great Escape" shows everybody what it takes to be a Cannonballer.

    The antics and adventures that drivers find themselves in put their endurance to the test especially when 70 drivers & vehicles are impounded by the Spanish Police!

    Follow the adventure from the opening party set in London's Docklands, through each grueling day of the rally filled with disappointments, triumphs, all night partying, and wild women! Join in on the celebration as cannonballers unite for a final night party and fill the air with laughter, and the skies with fireworks!

    Promotional Video Clip:

    About Cannonball Run Europe:

    Cannonball Run Europe Ltd is a privately controlled tour operator company, and organizes road rally holidays including the Cannonball Run Europe, Winter Challenge, and Canadian Cannonball Run. Founded in 2001, this UK based firm has offices in London, England, and Toronto, Canada. Cannonball Run Europe proudly serves a client base that includes male & female clientele with a goal to deliver the "ride of your life".

    For more information please consult, Tel: +44-(0)1403-276191,

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