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         Lugano (ots) - New evidences confirm the assets of Original
Nimesulide(1): multifactorial pharmacological activity, fast
analgesic action, proven clinical efficacy

    Presented at Helsinn Satellite Symposium

    "A valuable common approach to the treatment of different pain conditions "     12th International Pain Clinic Congress 2006, World Society of Pain Clinicians

    Turin (Italy), 4-7 July 2006

    New evidences highlighting the active role played by Original Nimesulide(1) on some key mediators involved in painful and inflammatory processes were brought for the first time to the attention of the scientific universe at Helsinn Satellite Symposium held during the 12th International Pain Clinic Congress organized by the World Society of Pain Clinicians in Turin (Italy) from 4 to 7 July last.

    The Congress was the right occasion to take stake of the efficacy, rapidity of action and tolerability of Original Nimesulide(1) in three major fields of application: osteoarthritis, post-operative dental pain and migraine.

    Clinical validations presented at the Congress

    M. Bianchi (I) - Nimesulide and OA inflammatory pain: new clinical evidence Epidemiological data are impressive: >36 million people in Europe suffer from osteoarthritis.

    In the study presented by Prof. Bianchi comparing the analgesic efficacy of nimesulide and celecoxib in patients with knee OA, the effect of Original Nimesulide(1) was significantly faster than celecoxib and its activity was stronger in patients with synovial effusion. The clinical efficacy of our drug was associated with a reduction in the concentration of Substance P (SP) and Interleukin-6 (IL-6) in the synovial fluid, thus at the site of inflammation. SP and IL-6 represent key mediators of pain and inflammation, and by reducing their concentration, Original Nimesulide is able to decrease the intensity of pain vs. the reference drug.

    Further to this, Original Nimesulide acts on "centrally active" prostaglandins, which play a primary role in the transmission of the pain signal not only at peripheral level but also at central nervous system level, with particular reference to the spinal marrow.

    Interleukins represent not only the "alphabetical characters" that endocrine and immune nervous cells use to communicate, but are crucial mediators in the modulation of the nociceptive information. Substance P (SP) is a small neuropeptide characterised by a peculiar activity: it was observed that, following stimulation of the peripheral nerves that are activated by painful stimuli, SP follows a path from the centre towards the periphery amplifying pain and inflammation.

    A. Lörincz (H) - Nimesulide and dental pain: results from an observational study

    The analgesic effect of Original Nimesulide(1) is already evident just 15 minutes after drug in-take and grants a significant reduction of pain following third molar extraction.

    Surgery involving dental extraction generally represents a good model to evaluate the analgesic efficacy of a drug. Dr. Lorincz presented the results of an observational study involving 511 patients undergoing surgical third molar removal (Abstracts from the Symposium). The results indicate that Original Nimesulide(1) grants complete resolution of pain in 74% of patients against 57% of patients treated with other NSAIDs. The study further confirms the rapid onset of the analgesic effect of the drug that acts within 15 minutes from its administration in 67% of patients, as well as its very good safety profile.

    C. Lampl - Insights on the use of nimesulide in migraine attacks

    80 million people suffer from migraine in Western countries. The WHO positions it among the top 20 causes for disability.

    Dr. Lampl provided an overview on the therapeutic alternatives for the treatment of migraine, underlining the key role played by NSAIDs, with particular reference to the efficacy of Original Nimesulide(1) in the treatment of pain in migraine attacks (Abstracts from the Symposium).

    Various clinical evidences are available on the efficacy of Original Nimesulide(1) in the treatment of this kind of pain. Results from an epidemiological study interestingly highlighted that approx. one patient out of three among those visited for the first time in Italian specialised headache centres were prescribed Original Nimesulide(1).


    In conclusion, Original Nimesulide(1) confirms through several new evidences its up-to-dateness both from a pharmacological (activity on pain transmission mediators) and a clinical (rapid analgesic effect) point of view.

    Its characteristics comply perfectly with the current needs for the treatment of various types of acute pain. In particular, the WSPC Congress was the right opportunity to present the new data on osteoarticular pain, post-operative dental pain and migraine.

    Helsinn, holder of the international rights on the Original Nimesulide(1) molecule, grants the manufacturing of the active ingredient according to very high qualitative standards, in compliance with international GMP rules, in its plants in Switzerland and Ireland. By following the product throughout its market life-cycle, Helsinn guarantees constant scientific support through continuous clinical and pharmacological studies carried out in various countries.

    This is why Original Nimesulide(1) keeps on being an up-to-date product holding the spotlight of the international scientific community through its presence at the WSPC Congress 2006.

    (1) Original Nimesulide is available world-wide under the following trademarks: Ainex, Aulin, Donulide, Edrigyl, Eskaflam, Heugan, Mesulid, Nexen, Nimed, Nimedex, Nisulid, Scaflam, Scaflan

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