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QlikTech Revolutionizes Business Analysis With Release of QlikView 7

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    - Latest version supports massive scale analysis on 64-bit hardware for organization-wide deployments

    QlikTech Inc., leading provider of powerful and rapidly deployable business analysis and reporting applications, today released the latest version of its flagship product, QlikView. QlikView 7 is set to revolutionize business analysis by allowing analysis of hundreds of millions of unaggregated records in real-time, and broadening the reach of analysis to the entire organization. QlikView 7 extends QlikTech's vision of simplifying analysis for everyone by offering business analysis that can be deployed in days, where users can be trained in minutes, and where end users have the freedom to be more creative in their analyses.

    The launch of QlikView 7 follows a successful beta program with well over 80 leading multinational organizations. "QlikView 7 is a revolutionary release in the business analysis market, allowing us to make better business decisions, and delivering business process improvement more quickly than ever before," said Ed Bobrin, Director of Corporate and Home Systems Technology, Deluca Homes. "Where QlikView stands out is in its combination of power and simplicity. It's straightforward, point and click interface makes it easy for non-technical users. And, our deployment was up and running in days."

    "Over the years, organizations have made significant investments to automate their business processes - today's challenge is to leverage the stored information and optimize process performance and decision making," said Andreas Bitterer, Vice President of Research at Gartner. "Business intelligence enables organizations to improve their business results, and organizations need to find ways to deploy large scale business intelligence platforms at a lower cost, more quickly, and that are easy to use. The shift to 64-bit computing and its elimination of current memory constraints signifies a big step towards a real-time approach to business analysis and enables users to rapidly examine large amounts of data with virtually no limit."

    QlikView 7's real-time approach to business analysis revolutionizes the market in a number of important ways:

    Support for the 64-bit Enterprise: QlikView 7 supports both Intel's x64 and Itanium 64-bit platforms to dramatically increase the scale of analysis possible. Intel's 64-bit platforms remove the 4 gigabyte memory limit imposed by 32-bit systems. The result is sub-second response times on queries and calculations, the ability to process massive datasets, and the ability to deploy to large user populations. The close partnership between Intel and QlikTech has resulted in one of the most compelling applications available on Intel's 64-bit platforms today.

    Real-time Analysis without Aggregation: QlikView 7 allows users to analyze hundreds of millions of unaggregated records in real-time. Unlike traditional cube-based OLAP tools, QlikView queries and aggregates records in memory, calculating all measures in real-time and across an unlimited number of dimensions. This allows users to drill through from any dimension and arrive at specific transaction level detail, and adding a new dimension or measure can be done in seconds by an end-user.

    The Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV) in Germany takes advantage of this capability in their deployment of QlikView. The KBV uses QlikView to analyse patient data for specific implementation of recent German health care reforms. They required the ability to investigate both detailed patient histories and calculated key performance indicators across 250 million records. "QlikView was the only business analysis tool on the market that could meet this requirement," said Eva Obermeyer, head of the KBV Accounting Department. "And, we installed our analysis solution using QlikView on the first day - the quick system start-up is absolutely mind-boggling."

    Data Reload in Seconds: Traditional OLAP cubes can take half a day to load even a few tens of millions of records. Benchmarks with QlikView 7 have demonstrated data loads as high as 4 million records per second through the development of QlikView QVD technology. This innovation allows unprecedented speed in incremental data loads, reducing the load on underlying data sources and allowing more frequent data refreshes.

    Broad Deployment: QlikTech believes that analysis should be available to everyone. QlikView 7 supports a zero-install browser based client. This deployment option allows unprecedented levels of interactivity in business analysis applications, all using only a Web browser. QlikView supports a number of additional client deployment options, including a Windows client, ActiveX plug-in client, and OCX component client giving organizations the flexibility they need to integrate QlikView into their existing infrastructure.

    Parcelhouse, a provider of logistics information solutions, is using QlikView 7's zero-install, browser based client option to extend their deployment to customers and partners. "The addition of a fully-interactive QlikView 7 client using only a web browser will allow us to bring the value of QlikView to all our partners and customers. Providing access to easy-to-use analysis of business processes for our partners and customers will provide us with a significant competitive advantage," said project manager Stephan Eggimann of Parcelhouse.

    Integrated Analysis, Applications, and Reporting: On a single unified platform, QlikView 7 provides flexible ad-hoc analysis capabilities, powerful analytic applications, and simple printable reports. This allows organizations to deploy QlikView 7 to everyone, from highly skilled analysts doing ad-hoc analysis, to managers using powerful analytic applications, to executives who require a dashboard of critical business information. Further, QlikView reporting allows organizations to eliminate unused paper reports, and replace with demand-driven reporting.

    Real-Time Alerts: QlikView 7 real-time alerting functionality allows business process managers to respond immediately to changes in data that may indicate a problem. QlikView 7 provides the capability to alert a user, run an application, or send an email when changes in the underlying data meet a condition.

    "With the release of QlikView 7, QlikTech is extending its value proposition of powerful business analysis applications that are simple, cost-effective, quick to deploy, and easy to use," said Måns Hultman, CEO of QlikTech. "With this release, QlikView can support massive data sets with hundreds of millions of unaggregated records, and can be deployed to an entire organization in days."

    About QlikTech

    QlikTech is dedicated to simplifying analysis for everyone. QlikTech's game-changing QlikView application is dramatically easier to deploy and use, inspiring fervent user adoption by business professionals who require it to run their organizations. QlikTech's patented technology allows instant, in memory, manipulation of massive datasets on low cost hardware, allowing affordable widespread deployment of highly sophisticated analytic applications in days. QlikView's click driven, visually interactive interface allows users to discover unanticipated insights hidden in operational systems with virtually no end-user training. QlikView has over 90,000 users at 1,600 customers in over 43 countries. In addition to hundreds of small and midsized companies, QlikTech's customers include large corporations such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Top Flite, 3M, and The Campbell Soup Company. QlikTech is privately held and venture backed by Accel Partners, Jerusalem Venture Partners, and Industrifonden. Founded in Sweden, QlikTech has subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Scandinavia, and over 100 partners across the world.

    QlikTech is a trademark of QlikTech International AB. All other company names, products and services used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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