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29.11.2004 – 21:11

Bioreason, Inc.

Bioreason Launches ClassPharmer(TM) Suite Lite for Lead Optimization and Predictive Tox

Santa Fe, New Mexico, November 29 (ots/PRNewswire)

Inc., announced today the release of ClassPharmer(TM) Suite Lite, a
new edition of the company's software system to increase success in
the hits-to-leads-to-clinic process within drug discovery.
ClassPharmer(TM) Suite Lite is available from Bioreason's website for
a free 30 day evaluation.
ClassPharmer(TM) Suite Lite includes all classification, modeling
and structure-property-relationship extraction functionalities of the
Desktop, Server and Batch editions and is capable of analyzing up to
2,000 compounds. The cost is 3,000 USD/EUR for a one-year license.
ClassPharmer(TM) Suite Lite makes Bioreason's patented technology
affordable to drug discovery scientists involved in hit-to-lead, lead
optimization and chemical toxicology analysis. Proven benefits
Increasing "true" hit recovery -- One customer using
structure-guided consensus-scoring methods reported that
ClassPharmer(TM) Suite increased the recovery of "true" hits by
200-300% in a virtual screen of 1,000 molecules.
Identifying novel leads and toxicophores -- One customer reported
that ClassPharmer(TM) Suite Lite found a new structural motif they
had not identified previously with any other in-house tools.
Reducing optimization time -- One customer reported that
ClassPharmer(TM) Suite Lite had cut by 30% the time required for
hit-to-lead and lead optimization.
With the new release, all 4 Editions of ClassPharmer(TM) Suite
(Lite, Desktop, Server and Batch) offer new features that greatly
improve the user's control over clustering and class modeling. Dr.
Patricia Bacha, Product Manager for ClassPharmer(TM) Suite at
Bioreason, explained, "There was a demand for our patented clustering
algorithm to be more flexible. We added new clustering options such
as using fuzzy atoms, created a post-processing step that organizes
the classes into families, and allowed users to further refine the
classification manually by merging classes."
Dr. Andrew DePristo, President and CEO of Bioreason, concluded,
"The new version demonstrates our commitment to develop software to
meet our customers' changing needs. Now, every Medicinal Chemist and
Toxicologist can afford to have ClassPharmer(TM) Suite on the
Bioreason, Inc., is headquartered in Santa Fe, NM with sales and
support offices in Strasbourg (France) and is represented by CTC
Laboratory Systems in Japan. Bioreason provides knowledge-based
software, services, and collaborations that help increase the success
of the hits-to-leads-to-clinic process in drug discovery. For
information on the company, see
Web site:


Andrew DePristo, President and CEO of Bioreason, Inc.,