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07.12.2005 – 17:11

u-blox AG

u-blox Releases ANTARIS® 4 Module LEA-4H with SuperSense® Indoor GPS

    The image can be downloaded from www.u-blox.com/news/lea_4h.jpg

    Thalwil, Switzerland (ots)

u-blox AG, the leading Swiss provider of innovative GPS receiver technology, today announced the release of a new module, the LEA-4H. Powered by u-blox' new ANTARIS 4 positioning engine, and just 17 x 22 mm in size, the LEA-4H offers SuperSense indoor GPS functionality, which enables unprecedented sensitivity, in a compact and efficient package. The module has the same functionality as its SuperSense predecessor, the TIM-LH, with the additional benefit of a USB port. The LEA-4H also consumes 40% less power than its predecessor, features advanced power management options, excellent navigation performance, high sensitivity and an outstanding performance-to-cost ratio.

    SuperSense software is able to detect the weakest signals and to provide uninterrupted GPS reception and accurate position calculations in buildings, hidden places in motor vehicles and other locations with obstructed views to the sky. This state-of-the-art technology, which provides acquisition and reacquisition sensitivity of -148 dBm, cold start sensitivity of -142 dBm and unmatched tracking sensitivity of -158 dBm, does so without compromising on power consumption, which stays low at even the weakest signals. Thanks to advances in hardware and software achieved with the 16-channel ANTARIS 4 receiver technology, ANTARIS 4 chipsets, a joint development of Atmel and u-blox, allow for 40% smaller modules, USB connectivity, full support of WAAS and EGNOS satellites and unparalleled low power consumption. This makes the LEA-4H module ideally suited for battery-operated products such as PDAs, smart phones and other portable devices where size, sensitivity and power consumption levels are critical.

    "The LEA-4H is particularly well suited for consumer mobile and telecommunication products thanks to a significant reduction in power needs and in module sizes. Other features that benefit handhelds are USB connectivity and SuperSense indoor GPS capabilities", said Georg zur Bonsen, Product Manager.

      ANTARIS 4 receivers are also endowed with Assisted GPS (A-GPS)
functionality, which provides instant positioning upon request. This
function drastically reduces Time To First Fix to as low as four
seconds, as well as enabling signal acquisition in difficult
environments. One use of A-GPS is the provision of emergency call and
instant location services. A-GPS is also commonly used to access
immediate location information in difficult environments.

    About u-blox

    u-blox is an international company headquartered in Switzerland, with sales organizations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Founded in 1997, u-blox develops leading positioning technology and products based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) for the automotive and mobile communications markets. For more information, please visit www.u-blox.com.

ots Originaltext: u-blox
Internet: www.presseportal.ch

Georg zur Bonsen
Product Management
phone: +41/(0)44/722'74'44
E-Mail: georg.zurbonsen@u-blox.com

Alicia Montoya
Marketing Communications
phone: +41/(0)44/722'74'86
E-Mail: alicia.montoya@u-blox.com

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