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Defending Medical Oncology to Assure Quality Care for Cancer Patients
ESMO releases position paper on medical oncologist's role

Lugano (ots) - Medical oncologists have a vital role to play in cancer care, particularly as treatments become ever more complex, a new position statement from the European Society for Medical Oncology says ( ).

Medical oncologists are specialist cancer physicians trained to provide treatment with drugs, spanning from the old one-fits-all chemotherapy to newer targeted agents and immunotherapies.

ESMO's aim with the statement is to guarantee to Europe's growing number of cancer patients access to optimal treatment, says Razvan Popescu, ESMO National Representatives and Membership Committee Chair.

"There are many complex decisions to be made around cancer treatment, and recent scientific advances are making the provision of optimal care even more challenging," said Popescu. "Only medical oncology training prepares physicians to deal with this complexity."

The new ESMO position paper outlines formally for the first time the role of medical oncologists. Developed in consultation with medical oncologists and professional organisations across Europe, endorsed by all medical oncology societies in Europe ( ), it represents a consensus view of the medical oncologist's place in the treatment of cancer.

"We hope this paper will be useful to individual countries in their discussions for the recognition of medical oncology as a specialty where it is not yet recognised and to defend the profession where possible challenges arise," Popescu said.

The ESMO statement establishes, among others, what the internationally recognised standard of education and training should be for a medical oncologist. "These standards will help ensure that patients receive the best possible care and that professionals achieve qualifications that will be recognised across Europe," said Popescu.

"By bringing attention to the role of medical oncology, ESMO hopes to improve the treatment of patients across Europe," said ESMO President Martine Piccart.

Cancer is a complex disease, and quality cancer care should be provided by multidisciplinary teams of medical professionals, including radiation oncologists and surgeons.

"Medical oncologists are a core member of such teams, offering a patient-centred holistic approach to quality cancer care that aims to guide and support the patient through the entire 'cancer journey'," Piccart said.

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