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IMD business school launches two new programs: Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL) and Transition to Business Leadership (TBL)

Lausanne (ots) - Introducing two new programs for executives seeking and moving into leadership roles

IMD business school recently added two new open enrollment programs for managers aspiring to move into business leadership positions and for managers who are transitioning into leadership roles.

Starting in 2014 and now enrolling, the new programs are Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL) and Transition to Business Leadership (TBL).

Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL)

FBL provides an intensive opportunity to develop the essential set of cross-functional skills and capabilities required to be successful in business leadership. The program serves as a stepping stone to IMD's Program for Executive Development or to the Executive MBA. FBL takes place over 3 weeks (including weekends) and will be offered 3 times in 2014. It is directed by IMD Professors Benoit Leleux and Leif Sjöblom.

"By studying the core functions of a global organization, including marketing, finance, HR, strategy, sustainability and innovation, FBL integrates several disciplines in order to develop a generalist's perspective," said FBL Program Co-Director Benoît Leleux. "It's a career boosting opportunity for ambitious managers aspiring to develop into leaders."

Transition to Business Leadership (TBL)

TBL is part of IMD's Program for Executive Development (PED). TBL is given in two modules (Developing a Strategy and Leading Change) of two weeks each and is a personalized journey designed to help executives understand the common challenges and pitfalls that come with transitioning into a leadership role. The program includes pre- program, inter-module and post-program distance learning. It is directed by IMD Professors Stewart Black and Michael Watkins. "Our world is changing quickly," said TBL Program Co-Director Stewart Black. "You can either watch from the side-lines or you can join Transition to Business Leadership and shape what will be."

By focusing on the challenges and opportunities in today's business environment, both FBL and TBL aim to accelerate and fine tune the capabilities needed to succeed in leadership.

Available both as stand-alone programs, FBL and TBL when taken together, constitute IMD's Program for Executive Development, which leads to a diploma.

About IMD

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