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Eurofighter Typhoon pilots emphasise exceptional performance of the EJ200 engine in service

    Hallbergmoos (ots) - EUROJET Turbo GmbH, the leading European military aerospace engine consortium, will present the world class technology of the new generation powerplant EJ200 at the Paris Air Show 2005. An EJ200 production engine will be displayed at the Show at the EUROJET stand (Hall 5, G20), in combination with an interactive sliding device explaining the technology features of the engine.

    Already in service with the Air Forces of Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, the outstanding technology of the EJ200 engine has demonstrated exceptional performance in the Eurofighter Typhoon. Pilots from all four nations highlight the extraordinary capabilities of the engine:

    "EJ200 engines are far more powerful than any previous powerplant of their size, and provide the Eurofighter Typhoon with a very high thrust-to-weight ratio, which in turn translates into an unmatched agility and performance throughout the flight envelope, including for example a breathtakingly short take-off run, or the ability to sustain supersonic flight in dry power. Power and Accuracy go hand in hand in EJ200 engine, since the Digital Engine Control allows carefree and smooth handling of the engines with quick acceleration/deceleration times and reheat selections.

    EJ200 engine has been designed with a special focus on reliability and maintenance costs. The engine systems' reliability, together with the engine components' long life technology and the intelligent life management system allow for a maximum availability and minimum operating costs." (Eurofighter pilot, Tcol. José Mª Juanas García, Jefe Grupo 11, Moron, Spain)

    "Powered by the EJ200 the Eurofighter can sustain supersonic speed without reheat for an extended duration. In this way the engine provides the aircraft with a tactical advantage. Compared to, for example, the new F-16 the EJ200 provides better thrust for the Eurofighter Typhoon in relation to its weight thereby the Eurofighter can maintain better performance while using less fuel in a dogfight scenario." (GAF-Eurofighter pilot Major Ralf Brandis, JG 73 Laage, Germany)

    "I have flown the aircraft throughout the whole flight envelope from minimum speed up to Mach 2 and from 0 to 55.000 feet. This is the most exceptional engine I have ever flown, with a lot of thrust. The engine matches with the aircraft carefree handling characteristics." (Eurofighter pilot Maurizio Cheli, Alenia Aeronautica, Italy)

    "With over 3 years testing experience on the Eurofighter Typhoon, I am awe-struck with the massive contribution the EJ200 engine has given to the world beating performance of this aircraft. Total carefree handling of the engine throughout the flight envelope generates a confidence that some other combat aircraft can only admire from a distance. Not only is it the performance that's outstanding, we can proudly boast that we have not lost any of our test sorties at Warton due to engine unreliability. High performance does not mean high fuel consumption. Range capability is well above the average and the availability to 'super-cruise' will give Eurofighter the edge in future combat. In sum, fast or slow, high level or low level, day or night we have our trust in what the EJ200 can deliver now and in the future." (Mark Bowman, Typhoon Project Test Pilot, BAE Systems, UK)

    "The EJ200 has breathtaking performance and is extremely easy to handle over the entire flight envelope. Particularly impressive is the engine performance and handling at high altitude and high speed where modern beyond-visual-range combat takes place. Here the ability to maintain supersonic speed without afterburner at very moderate fuel consumption significantly enhances the effectiveness of the weapon system." (Chris Worning, Eurofighter Project Pilot, EADS, Germany)

    Powered by EJ200 the Eurofighter Typhoon will be at the heart of both national and international security for decades to come.


    EUROJET Turbo GmbH is the leading European military aerospace engine consortium responsible for the development, production, maintenance, support and sales of the new generation EJ200 powerplant. The shareholders of EUROJET are Avio (Italy), ITP (Spain), MTU Aero Engines (Germany) and Rolls-Royce (UK). The EJ200 engine combines the leading technologies from each of the four European companies. The engine has been designed to fulfil the most demanding requirements (performance, maintainability and low life cycle costs) set for the next generation of fighter and training aircraft. Like the aircraft, the engine is assembled in four assembly lines, one in each of the partner nations. The workshare reflects the number of aircraft and associated number of engines ordered by the respective partners.

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