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Yap International Signs Letter of Intent to Purchase TIVOX Systems Corporation, Including Exclusive Rights to Revolutionary VoIP Product Line, With Dial-up, Broadband, DSL, Cable, Satellite and Wireless Capabilities

    Los Angeles, California (ots/PRNewswire) - Yap International, Inc. (YPIL.PK-OTC), a provider of Voice over  Internet Protocol ("VoIP") communication services and products, today  announced that they have signed a letter of intent to acquire TIVOX Systems  Corporation, a New York based Company.

    Joseph Weaver, President and C.O.O stated, "The acquisition of TIVOX  Systems Corporation will allow Yap International to provide a complete line  of VoIP products which are proprietary and patent pending."

    The Nomad Line of Products is demonstrably superior in voice clarity  and ease of use, requiring far less bandwidth than any competitor.

    "This is especially important to the vast majority of the world where  broadband penetration is either limited or nonexistent."

    Each Nomad product addresses a specific market segment and raises the  benchmark by 2 to 3 generations- these are products by which all others  will be measured.

    "We are extremely excited about this acquisition, as Yap International  will be the exclusive supplier of the Nomad Line of products to the global  marketplace."

    As part of the Letter of Intent, Yap registered the trade name NOMAD  SYSTEMS, including four new product names, NOMAD DIAL, NOMAD PRO, NOMAD  LITE, and NOMAD SOFT, as well as the Company's Unified Messaging service  offering, MY NOMAD.

    NOMAD DIAL: A next generation VoIP device that enables subscribers to  place calls to virtually anywhere in the world using just their touch-tone  household phones and a standard dial-up Internet connection. After a simple  installation, Yap customers will be charged a low flat rate monthly  recurring charge for unlimited North American calling and a steeply  discounted minute rate for international long distance. All services are  pre-paid (month in advance) making this a true recurring business model.  With the NOMAD DIAL, no computer, or high speed internet connection is  required to take advantage of the cost savings of VoIP.

    NOMAD PRO: A next generation VoIP device that turns your home into an  international communications center. Dial long distance from literally  anywhere in the world, through your NOMAD PRO communications center. Calls  from a PSTN phone, a cell phone, or the combination of your laptop and a  NOMAD LITE or NOMAD SOFT accessory. All are easily routed through your  NOMAD PRO, providing huge long distance savings. With Unified Messaging  capabilities you are able to send and receive e-mails, voicemails, text  messaging, documents and even video files anywhere in the world utilizing  your NOMAD PRO and the MY NOMAD service.

    NOMAD LITE: Roughly the size of a small cell phone, the NOMAD LITE plugs into the back of any laptop, or desk top, and in combination with the  Company's downloadable software, turns any computer into a VoIP phone.  Anywhere there is a computer and an Internet connection - land based, or  wireless, the NOMAD LITE will pass on incredible VoIP savings.

    NOMAD SOFT: An easy to use hands free ear piece that plugs into the  back of your laptop, or desktop computer. Simply log onto the Internet,  download the Company's software, plug the NOMAD SOFT into the computer and  start experiencing the cost savings of VoIP. The NOMAD SOFT works anywhere  there is a computer and an Internet connection - land based, or wireless.

    The Company is currently consulting with its legal team to finalize the  terms of the agreement.

    About Yap International, Inc.

    Yap International, Inc. is a multi-national Internet Communications  Company developing cost effective telecommunications through Voice over  Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. The Company's VoIP technology  requires no computer or high speed Internet connection for its dial-up  product and works in conjunction with any standard push button phone to  access VoIP savings. The Company plans on targeting the market of more than  1.1 billion telephones worldwide, but specifically, the international  calling market as it pertains to foreign-born residents living in the  United States and Canada. The company's other products work with broadband, DSL, cable, satellite, and has wireless capabilities. The company's administrative offices are located in Vancouver, BC and sales offices in  Los Angeles, CA.

    To learn more about Yap International, Inc. please visit us at


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