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Nissan Europe Reports December Sales for 2007

    Trappes, France (ots/PRNewswire) - Nissan Europe has reported sales of 49,228 units for December 2007, an increase of 0.4% year on year in a month where sales were up for the ninth consecutive month.

    Key markets for December included France, which saw an increase of 50% with 5,344 units and Russia and Ukraine which combined reported an increase of 41% year on year with 14,671 units. Meanwhile, Spain was up by 7.7% with 6,474 sales along with many of the eastern markets who also performed well in the final month of the year.

    For the calendar year, Nissan Europe reached a record with 570,513 units sold, representing an increase of 5.7% versus 2006. This was largely due to the popular QASHQAI compact crossover which has sold over 100,000 vehicles since its launch in early 2007. Nissan also has high expectations in 2008 for the model which is built at its Sunderland plant in the UK.

    Furthermore, Russia took the top spot as Nissan Europe's strongest market by achieving over 120,000 sales in 2007, an increase of 60% year on year. A total of 250,000 Nissan units have been sold in Russia since the sales company was launched in January 2004 and the construction of a new manufacturing plant in St Petersburg is well underway to open in 2009.


                                December 2007      Variation
                                                        vs December 2006
      Russia                    13,305              + 37.6%
      Spain (inc Cnr)        6,474                + 7.7%
      France                      5,344              + 50.2%
      UK                            3,608              - 17.3%
      Italy                        3,472                - 1.8%
      Germany                    3,277              - 49.1%
      Holland                    1,457              - 30.5%
      Ukraine                    1,212              + 70.2%
      Poland                      1 074              + 16.4%
      Sweden                         740              - 20.4%


                                 CY 2007         Variation
                                                    vs CY 2006
      Russia                 122,038            59.6%
      UK                         82,497            -5.2%
      Spain (inc Cnr)    58,500            -6.8%
      Italy                    51,374            2.7%
      Germany                 44,672          -24.7%
      France                  43,712            -2.4%
      Holland                 13,464            -6.6%
      Belgium / Lux        11,908            49.8%
      Ukraine                 11,777            70.6%
      Poland                  10,611            30.5%

    Nissan employs around 12,000 people in its European design, research and development, manufacturing, logistics, and sales and marketing operations. In 2006, the company produced a total of 506,602 vehicles in its Spanish and British plants. Nissan Europe's Head Office is based in Trappes (Paris), France.

    For further information on all markets, please contact Nissan Europe Corporate Communications.

    Editor's Notes:

    (i) The sales figures quoted are retail sales figures for a large European scope covering all of Nissan Europe's markets including the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Cyprus, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Israel and the French Overseas Territories.

    These figures are not to be confused with the figures published by the ACEA who report registration figures and do not cover such a broad European scope as Nissan.

      Penny Szczepaniak
      Corporate Communications, Nissan Europe
      Isabelle Huet
      Corporate Communications, Nissan Europe

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