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Schaffner Group reports good fourth-quarter results: Positive trend in sales and orders for EMC components continues

    Luterbach (ots) - The Schaffner Group (SWX Swiss Exchange: SAHN) increased consolidated net sales in fiscal 2005/2006 by 10.3% to CHF 184.0 million (2004/2005: CHF 166.8 million). Adjusted for currency effects, this amounts to an increase of 8.4%. Order intake rose by 8.5% to CHF 188.5 million (CHF 173.8 million). For fiscal 2005/2006, this results in a book-to-bill ratio of 1.02. The positive trend is attributable to continuing robust demand for Schaffner components, notably in the strong industrial electronics and telecommunication segments as well as in the automotive and medical technology segments.

    In its continuing Components business the Schaffner Group reported an increase in net sales for the fourth quarter of 2005/2006 of 7.4% to CHF 36.5 million (CHF 33.9 million) and a rise in order intake of 11.0% to CHF 34.0 million (CHF 30.7 million). Schaffner Components posted a full-year increase in net sales of 12.3% to CHF 137.8 million (CHF 122.7 million) and a year-over-year rise in order intake of 10.6% to CHF 141.4 million (CHF 127.8 million); the book-to-bill ratio for the last twelve months amounted to 1.03.

    The discontinued Test Systems business posted fourth-quarter net sales of CHF 11.3 million and an order intake of CHF 9.0 million. Full-year net sales amounted to CHF 46.2 million. Test Systems thus accounted for 25.0% of the Schaffner Group's consolidated sales. Total order intake amounted to CHF 47.1 million, resulting in a year-end book-to-bill ratio of 1.02. Following the successful divestment of the first two tranches of the Test Systems business, discussions are under way with potential investors for the remaining Cable Tests & ElectroEmulation unit.

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    Schaffner - safety for electronic systems

    Schaffner is the international leader in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and power quality, focusing on high-growth sectors such as the automotive industry, building automation, industrial electronics, consumer goods, aerospace, medical technology, power supplies, telecommunications, transportation, and the public sector. Schaffner develops, produces, and markets standard and customer-specific components, modules, test systems, and test facilities. Schaffner strives to secure and expand its leading position through a program of innovation, customer-focused logistics, and cost-efficient practices.

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