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Schaffer Group second quarter 2004/2005 - Business trend influenced by economic slowdown

    The Schaffner Group posted sales of CHF 79.3 million in the first half of fiscal 2004/2005 (first half of 2003/2004: CHF 86.2 million). Order intake fell from CHF 93.6 million to CHF 88.4 million. The book-to-bill ratio after six months was 1.11 (fiscal 2003/2004: 1.08). Sales rose 17.7% quarter-on-quarter in the second quarter of 2004/2005 to CHF 42.9 million, while order intake for the quarter totaled CHF 40.8 million (down 14.3% quarter-on-quarter). The

Schaffner Group will publish its full half-year results on May 12, 2005.

    The Components business posted half-year sales of CHF 58.5 million (second half of 2003/2004: CHF 59.6 million) and order intake of CHF 66.5 million (CHF 68.1 million). In the Test Systems business, meanwhile, sales were CHF 20.8 million (CHF 26.6 million) and order intake CHF 21.9 million (CHF 25.5 million).

    Components sales in the second quarter showed a quarter-on-quarter increase, rising 21.5% to CHF 32.1 million, but failed to match the record figure of CHF 35.1 million achieved in the second quarter of 2003/2004. Order intake was CHF 31.2 million, down from CHF 36.4 million. Test Systems posted sales of CHF 10.8 million (CHF 14.4 million) and order intake of CHF 9.6 million (CHF 12.1 million) for the second quarter.

    Comparing these results against the superior year-back figures, it is clear that the economic slowdown has depressed demand over the past few months. Since market visibility is once again poor, it makes little sense to forecast the business trend going forward. However, Schaffner is confident that the second half, which is traditionally stronger, will bring improve-ments in both sales and orders.

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