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Schaffner to supply components for US tire-pressure measurement systems

Global anchoring in the automotive industry - influence on sales from third quarter of 2004/2005 onwards

    Luterbach (ots) - The Schaffner Group is to supply components for systems used to monitor the tire pressure of various models produced by a US car manufacturer. The order will influence the Schaffner Group's sales figures from the third quarter of the 2004/2005 financial year onwards, with rapidly increasing unit volumes.

    In qualifying as a supplier to the US branch of a globally active systems supplier, the Schaffner Group has established itself both in the US automotive industry and in the tire-pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) growth segment. The supplier to which Schaffner will now deliver is one of two suppliers to the car manufacturer, which will initially use the TPMS systems on ten models. Once all new cars in the US are required by law to be fitted with TPMS systems (from 2006 onwards), independent observers anticipate that TPMS will also become obligatory for new cars in most other countries in the medium term. With TPMS systems being fitted as standard in new cars, they represent immense growth potential for all qualified producers such as the Schaffner Group.

    Following the successful market launch of components for keyless access systems (Europe/Asia) and electronic immobilizer systems (Asia), TPMS components (USA/Europe) provide the Schaffner Group with a third area of activity within the global automotive industry.

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