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09.09.2004 – 11:40

Wellton Way AB

Swedish Wellton Way Is in Practice the Closest We Get to the Buzzword Digital Convergence

    Stockholm, Sweden (ots)

The reviews of Wellton Ways user interface, the earlier first generation system from 2003, have been overwhelming, please note the examples below.

    In our press release, per July 26th 2004, the new, second generation user interface from Wellton Way, MultiMedia Center (MMC) was presented. MMC is even better than the praised first generation system.

    Wellton Way has already received worldwide response from many PC-manufacturers and ISP's who wishes to sign license agreements with Wellton Way. This autumn consumers will be able to purchase standard PC's from different manufacturers/resellers that includes MMC. This means that the PC can, for the first time, be used in the living room and replace old conventional home electronic devices.

    Wellton Way has also received requests to release licenses of MMC as upgrade-kits to standard PC's based on Microsoft Windows XP (Home/Professional/MCE).

    Due to the positive response, Wellton Way has decided to give the PC industry the possibility to purchase and resell upgrade-kits, which will comprise of a TV-card, remote control, and a CD containing Wellton Way MMC.

    Retail price to end-users is expected to be approximately US$ 199 for an upgrade-kit. A new computer with MMC preinstalled is expected to cost approximately US$ 99 more than a similar computer without MMC.

    Computers with MMC preinstalled, as well as upgrade-kits, are expected to hit the market in October 2004.

    MMC is the world's only fully convergent user-interface that all people can use with the help of a simple remote control, without any instructions or prior computer knowledge.

    Please view the demonstration of MMC at: (You may publish this address so that the readers can access the demo themselves).

    For additional information, pictures/screenshots etc., please see the website mentioned above.

    Some other quotations from reviews of Wellton Ways user interface (the earlier first generation) in direct comparison with Microsoft's Media Center Edition. Digital Home Magazine, UK (November 2003) "Swedish sensation," "features that'd make even Bill Gates go green with envy," "the holy grail of digital convergence"

    Intel recently showcased Wellton Ways first generation user-interface at different venues, for example at the Cannes Film Festival.

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