WISeKey and Qwant launch a Joint Venture WISeQwant providing Next Generation ID based Social Mobile Search for Fan Ecosystems

Geneva, Switzerland/Paris, France (ots) - Following on the partnership announced last year WISeKey and Qwant have launched a Joint Venture with the name WISeQwant.com associating WISekey's digital identity management, mobile apps and encryption with Qwant Search technologies. WISeQwant defines a new paradigm for personal data and content protection combined with encrypted technologies allowing Social Mobile searches to help monetize brand fans ecosystems. Qwant search algorithms map an individual's unique Social Graph across digital networks. When combined with WISeKey's WISeID, this technology will allow users to have accountable digital identification to interact in social media, fully aware of their complete digital identity footprint. The JV will focus on Sport as a first priority.

The WISeID Qwant special edition app will be released this year offering a set of tools to provide secure and authenticated digital identification based social search. WISeQwant fan applications will use digital identities and social search to distribute official branded content to a certified community of fans who choose to receive targeted marketing. The first deployment of this new technology will be done with the FC Barcelona Connect app developed by WISekey and using this WISeQwant integrated technology.

Jean-Manuel Rozan and Eric Léandi, co-founders of Qwant said: "Qwant is delighted to launch this JV with WISeKey in order to deliver enhanced information and search capabilities in a secure environment to millions of fans around the world and protect and allow content providers to monetize their fans base".

Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey SA said "I am delighted to launch this new Joint Venture WISeQwant, integrating powerful Search and Security technologies to provide fan applications that will use digital identities and social search to distribute official branded content to a certified sports community of fans who choose to receive targeted marketing".

More information: www.wiseqwant.com

Download the App:

Itunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id554184460

Google Play: http://www.presseportal.ch/go2/Google_Play


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Marketing and Communications
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Qwant Partner
Benedicte Hautefort
Havas Worldwide
E-Mail: benedicte.hautefort@havasww.com
Phone: +33-1-58-47-97-48

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