WISeKey Invites Luxury Brands to Join the Fight against Counterfeits with its Brand Protection Technology Showcased at the FT Business of Luxury Summit

Lausanne (ots) - WISeKey welcomes the luxury world to employ WISeAuthentic, the innovative technology defending luxury brands in the fight against counterfeits. WISeAuthentic technology already protects several brands with a demo on Hublot and Chris & Cris at the WISeKey booth at FT Business of Luxury Summit this week in Lausanne, Switzerland. WISeKey's founder Carlos Moreira will also discuss the issue as part of the panel "On the Counterfeiting Battlefield."

As technology that can protect luxury products emerges, every brand can help eliminate the confusion surrounding their prestigious identity caused by the booming counterfeit goods market worldwide and on the Internet in particular. WISeKey's brand protection technology is the only solution that can authenticate luxury products purchased over the Internet, enabling online retail options for both the retailer and the customer. However, the benefits WISeAuthentic can bring to your business extend far beyond fighting counterfeiters.

WISeAuthentic provides real-time sales details direct to the manufacturer, offering visibility into the retail market, which can reveal the existence of grey markets. The easily deployed platform captures powerful sales data, easily integrated into existing enterprise business intelligence systems. WISeAuthentic provides a private brand network for clients offering powerful direct marketing options.

WISeAuthentic is based on proven public key interface technology that creates an electronic certificate containing the product's identity code. The electronic identity is stored securely on a SmartCard. Retailers and customers use the SmartCard to authenticate the product instantly. The solution is impossible to replicate and comes at a fraction of the cost of lost sales from counterfeits.

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