Service Platform for Moroccans Living Abroad secured by WISeKey presented at the World Economic Forum in Marrakech by AIM and the Hassan II Foundation

    Geneva, Switzerland/Marrakech, Morocco (ots) - At the World Economic Forum for the Middle East and Northern Africa in Marrakech, Morocco, 26-28 October 2010, the Association for International Mobility (AIM) and the Hassan II Foundation have presented their Services Platform for Moroccans Living Abroad (SPM), based on WISeKey technology and the identity encryption system of the OISTE Foundation.

    The SPM is a Web 2.0 enhancement of the Hassan II Foundation website, which gives Moroccans living abroad a wide range of ways to link more easily and efficiently with their home country. Commercial, administrative, social, associative and financial applications will be securely and confidentially offered.

    The SPM is the result of an agreement signed in May 2009 between AIM and the Hassan II Foundation.

    "We are very happy to report progress on this important project that will ultimately provide a new dimension to the work of the Hassan II Foundation," said Omar Azziman, Executive President of the Foundation.

    "The SPM is a powerful tool designed by AIM and its partners for many countries. Its purpose is to advance AIM's vision of an open, efficient, fair and sustainable system of human mobility worldwide. Nothing like the SPM now exists," said AIM Co-Chair Brunson McKinley.

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