WISeKey devises an anticounterfeiting system that safeguards and verifies the authenticity of luxury goods

    Geneva (ots) - Every product made by a luxury goods manufacturer -a watch, handbag, piece of jewellery, etc.- would be accompanied and sold with a smart device, such as a SmartCard, containing the encrypted full details of the product, ie registration number, bar code, date and place of manufacture, etc. Manufacturers, sales outlets and purchasers would then be able to use the SmartCard to verify instantly via the Internet the authenticity of the product using WISeKey-developed technology - namely, WISeAuthentic© (for which the patent is pending).

  "The technology," explains Carlos Moreira, WISeKey CEO, "is based on digital identification encrypted in each product's SmartCard. What we provide is the service by which the smart device can be used to access the manufacturer's website and gain access to a special area of the website where the product can be identified as part of the company's inventory. If the encrypted information on the device is not recognized, access to the website's special area is denied."

    The technology is virtually fail-safe, as the encrypted digital information within the SmartCard's chip is impossible to replicate and will remain so for the foreseeable future, according to analysts, mathematicians and academic experts who participated in the development of WISeKey's technology.

    Not only would the WISeAuthentic©/SmartCard combination provide a fail-safe system for manufacturers and purchasers, but it would be a boon to police and customs, who would be able to verify the authenticity - or non-authenticity - of a truckload of hundreds of cases of, say, Cartier jewellery in a matter of a few clicks on the Internet, thereby negating the use of expensive machines currently used for this purpose.

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