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12.09.2007 – 08:43


WISekey Selected by the WEF as one of the 100 Global Growth Companies

WISekey Selected by the WEF as one of the 100 Global Growth Companies
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    Dalian, People's Republic of China (ots)

Revealing a bold new initiative of the World Economic Forum Community, comprised of the 1,000 foremost global enterprises, Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum, announced the creation of a new community of fast-growing companies destined to join the ranks of global multinationals in the next 5 to 10 years. "These are a very special group of companies that have not really been understood," said Schwab.

    In his opening remarks of the Inaugural Annual Meeting of the New Champions, Schwab had set the goal of 100 Founding Global Growth Company Members. Today, he welcomed 125 Founding Members, clearly signalling that the time is right for this new initiative. 40% of the members are from Asia; 26% hail from Europe; 20% are based in the Americas; and 14% come from Africa and the Middle East. "This is a truly global community," said Schwab.

    Schwab's remarks followed a lively panel on the essential elements - the leadership DNA - of Global Growth Companies. The panellists, CEOs of five of the world's most successful companies, listed traits that included: the constant drive for innovation, adherence to openness and flexibility, recognition of core competencies, allocation of resources on a global scale and, particularly, recruitment and retention of talented individuals.

    The founding members of the Community of Global Growth Companies -

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