Bisange SA Selects WISeKey to secure their e-infrastructure and Help Secure Sensitive Financial Information

      Geneva (ots) - WISeKey, the world's most trusted e-security
infrastructure and the leading global provider of PKI and security
identity management trust services, was selected by Bisange SA, a
leading Swiss financial services company active in capital risk
investment to secure their e-infrastructure using cryptographic keys
and digital certificate management processes for its new IP-based
electronic systems.

    Bisange SA's e-infrastructure (www.bisange.ch) was developed to enable the collection and processing of all financial, commercial and strategic information required to follow start-up company needs. This e-infrastructure has grown rapidly and is used by the start-up's as well as by Bisange SA financial partners. It therefore needed to be more robust, scalable and secure, making WISeKey an ideal partner to support them in dealing with the growth and expand the use of the e-infrastructure by securely moving critical business processes to the Internet. Bisange intends to securely and confidentially sign, send and receive confidential documents via the Internet, including communications with VCs, banks and investors, and thus streamlining and significantly reducing the length of the approval process and communications.

    "With WISeKey's e-security solution installed at Bisange SA they will benefit from a local institution that provides a comprehensive e-security offering including access control, biometric authentication, ID, digital certificates, and allowing high-security encryption for their electronic transactions," said Carlos Moreira, President of WISeKey.

    "Handling confidential information such as, but not limited to financial figures or technological information provided by top Swiss start-ups followed by Bisange SA, we need to provide the necessary security and confidence to our clients. We also need a neutral and trustworthy partner to secure our information," said Dourgam Kummer, CEO of Bisange SA.

    "In a world of digital communications e-Security is a major issue which has to be taken into consideration by any company linked to the financial market. Moreover "Trust" is the most important issue, making the choice of an e-Security company a highly sensitive one." said Armand Lombard, President of Bisange SA Board and founder of Genilem.

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