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FS2 Introduces Logic Navigator Trace and Debug Solutions for Atmel FPGAs

Portland, Oregon and San Jose, California (ots/PRNewswire)

Silicon Solutions (FS2(R)), and Atmel(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) a
global leader in the development and fabrication of advanced
semiconductor solutions, announced today the availability of the FS2
Logic Navigator System for embedded debug, trace, and logic analysis
for Atmel FPSLIC(R) and FPGA products. Logic Navigator is an on-chip
logic analyzer system solution that provides a high performance and
lower cost alternative to traditional logic analyzer tools for FPGA
analysis. Logic Navigator consists of FS2 On-Chip Instrumentation
(OCI(R)) blocks, off-chip debug probes, and software tools for
integration, control, and display of event, trigger, and trace
Logic Navigator combines a range of state-of-the art embedded
logic analyzer capabilities with a very low silicon overhead to allow
users to quickly define and setup combinatorial or complex sequential
logic events and triggers in hardware and to trace on-chip signals
with a look and feel similar to traditional logic analyzers. The
Logic Navigator for Atmel will initially focus on External Logic
Navigator configurations that support probe based state and counter
based sequential event monitoring and off chip trace. Logic Navigator
supports industry standard interfaces including Tcl/Tk compatibility,
XML file formats, and VCD trace output options to facilitate tool
Logic Navigator OCI is a collection of parameterized IP blocks
integrated into an Atmel FPSLIC family FPGA that provides an
interface to a real time event trace probe. Logic Navigator software
tools include waveform and state based displays, GUI and CLI control,
and utilities that automate and simplify instantiation and
integration of the OCI into the FPGA design. Logic Navigator includes
the FS2 OCI Generator GUI, which automates the definition, setup, and
integration of Logic Navigator instrumentation into a customer
design. OCI Generator supports both flat and hierarchical Verilog and
VHDL designs and simplifies definition and integration of all Logic
Navigator OCI options in a design.
"We are pleased to welcome Atmel to the list of FS2 partner
companies that are using Logic Navigator to provide their customers
with the ability to debug complex designs," said Rick Leatherman,
President of FS2. "Logic Navigator is based on FS2's proven
Configurable Logic Analyzer Module (CLAM(R)) technology that allows
users to choose debug configurations that work the best for their
designs -- External Logic Navigator OCI has a small gate count that
allows debugging of smaller Atmel FPGAs within FPSLIC, while Internal
Logic Navigator leverages FreeRAM resources in Atmel FPSLIC products
to reduce debug IO; both provide world class debug capabilities for
getting IP and applications running and optimized quickly and
generally improving the time to market of shipping quality products.
Logic Navigator for Atmel FPGAs is fully compatible with the Atmel
System Designer development flow and Atmel will be addressing tighter
integration of Logic Navigator with System Designer tool flow in
upcoming releases," he concluded.
"The FS2 Logic Navigator is a significant advance in Atmel's
ability to provide state of the art debug tools to help customers get
higher quality designs to market faster," said Gladwyn d'Souza,
Director of Programmable Logic at Atmel. "Logic Navigator
instrumentation provides comprehensive debug capabilities that
address the size and cost factors that are important to our current
and future customers," he added.
Availability and Architecture Specific Customization
FS2's near term focus for Logic Navigator is on providing debug
tools for the FPGA market and general purpose debug capabilities for
IP and ASIC developers. Logic Navigator also integrates into FS2's
Multi-Core Embedded Debug (MED) System, which provides a customizable
toolkit of system-level debug capabilities to address complex
architectures with multiple interacting processors, embedded buses,
and custom IP blocks. Customized versions of Logic Navigator and MED
can be configured to address architecture specific requirements,
ranging from specialized IP and subsystem analysis capabilities to
specialized performance analysis. FS2 also provides design support
and services to customers needing specialized debug interface
development or debug feature enhancement or capabilities. Logic
Navigator for Atmel FPGA starts at $1995 for a single copy with
discounts available for larger volumes.
About Atmel FPSLIC Devices
Atmel's AT94K and AT94S family of Field Programmable System Level
Integrated Circuits (FPSLIC devices) combine all the basic system
building blocks (logic, memory and uC) in an SRAM-based monolithic
field programmable device. The FPSLIC programmable SLI platform
allows true system level designs to be implemented without the need
for expensive NRE (non-recurring engineering) charges or costly
software tools. FPSLIC for the first time puts system level
integration on every designer's desk. The FPSLIC Secure (AT94S)
combination of FPSLIC and the serial configuration memory in a single
package allows for ISP and remote updates of FPSLIC while hiding
programming code for the FPGA and AVR micro.
About Atmel
Atmel is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of
microcontrollers, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory
and radio frequency (RF) components. Leveraging one of the industry's
broadest intellectual property (IP) technology portfolios, Atmel is
able to provide the electronics industry with complete system
solutions. Focused on consumer, industrial, security, communications,
computing and automotive markets, Atmel ICs can be found Everywhere
You Are(SM).
NOTE: Atmel(R), logo and combinations thereof, are registered
trademarks, and Everywhere You Are(SM) is the trademark of Atmel
Corporation or its subsidiaries. Other terms and product names may be
trademarks of others.
About First Silicon Solutions (FS2)
FS2 specializes in custom silicon IP, design services, and OCI
(On-Chip Instrumentation) development tools for programming, testing
and debug of embedded systems in FPGA, SoC, SOPC, ASSP and ASIC
devices. FS2 OCI based products include CLAM (Configurable Logic
Analyzer Modules) based Logic Navigator and Bus Navigator tools for
IP debug, core specific System Navigator tools for processor debug
and trace, and MED (Multi-core Embedded Debug) tools for SoC debug.
FS2 products enable silicon vendors and their customers to develop
and more effectively market their products, reduce development
cycles, and allow them to focus on delivering all the potential of
the system on silicon. FS2, FS2 Navigator, OCI, and CLAM are
trademarks of First Silicon Solutions.
Additional information on Logic Navigator is available at: . Atmel's FPGA Configuration Memory product
information may be retrieved at: .
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    FS2 Press Contacts:
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Web site:


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USA and Asia, +1-408-451-2855, or, or Veronique
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