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A New Ice Age Is Coming: Movie Title or Reality?

    San Diego, CA (ots) - E-Wire - Joseph P. LaStella, P.E., President of Green Star Products, Inc. (OTC: GSPI) and Co-Managing Director of AMERICAN BIOFUELS, LLC, provides an editorial review of scientific evidence that Global Warming can abruptly cause an unexpected Ice Age in months not decades!

    The movie "The Day After Tomorrow" has caused much concern over the possibility of sudden catastrophic climate changes in the world. Scientists have documented that catastrophic climate changes did commonly occur during periods of Earth's geologic past. The difference this time is that it is being caused by human activities producing greenhouse gases and causing climate changes (Global Warming).

    If Global Warming is a real threat -- How can it cause a new Ice Age?

    Let us review some of the most, not so well published, facts that may convince skeptics about the reality of climate changes. The studies are the latest evidence of the trend of rising temperatures known as Global Warming:

    First, an article published in USA Today (March 5, 2004) entitled "Europe's Deadly Summer The Hottest Since 1500," states that, "last summer in Europe a heat wave killed 21,000 people in France and other countries as it turned out to be the hottest summer since the 1500's."

    Scientists estimate that Global Warming may cause two thirds of China's Himalayan glaciers to melt by mid-century placing at least 300 million people at risk in China alone. "Of China's 1.3 billion people, 23 percent live around glaciers in the western part of the country for the rich water resources they provide" (release from People's Daily Online). Himalayan glaciers feed seven great rivers of Asia that run through China and India, the world's most populous Nations, ensuring a year round water supply.

    In January 2004, according to a recent scientific study published in the prestigious Scientific Journal Nature, "between 15 and 37 percent of the world's species may face extinction by 2050 due to Global Warming." In one of the biggest mass extinctions since the demise of the dinosaurs, this loss could total 1.25 million species. The Report's Authors are calling for a "rapid implementation of technologies" to combat the human causes of climate changes.

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