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Press Release: SQS certifies Swiss Recycling PET

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PET-Recycling Schweiz & SQS Press Release

SQS certifies Swiss Recycling PET

Swiss beverage producers have been successfully using Swiss Recycling PET (R-PET) for years, thereby protecting the environment. For the first time, the new Swiss R-PET label from the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) now indicates the amount of Swiss R-PET material in PET drink bottles consistently throughout Switzerland. This creates transparency and provides a clear reference in view of the confusing jumble of other labels consumers face.

When recycling PET in the closed bottle cycle, resource consumption is considerably reduced through the use of Swiss R-PET and CO2 emissions saved - resulting in a high environmental benefit. To make this environmental benefit clearly visible on the respective product lines in future, SQS and PET-Recycling Schweiz have launched a new label. "Using the new Swiss R-PET label, beverage producers can directly indicate for the first time on their PET drink bottles how much Swiss Recycling PET is used in the respective bottle," Jean-Claude Würmli, CEO of PET-Recycling Schweiz, explains. "The quarterly audit by SQS guarantees this and turns the label into a quality promise."

Further promoting Swiss Recycling PET

As the first uniform quality seal at the product level, the new label confirms that the R-PET material used in the PET drink bottle is a purely Swiss product. This means that its entire manufacturing process - from collection through sorting to utilisation - takes place in Switzerland. The label gives consumers key information about the bottle quality as well as a guarantee for the high environmental benefit of the product. This is intended to provide a reference when shopping, while also further promoting the use of Swiss R-PET.

The label stands for quality and Swissness

In the past years, the demand for environmentally friendly Swiss R-PET has increased significantly. René Eisenring, Head of Sub-Division Food at SQS, considers the quality of this pure, high-value, and food-safe material to be an important success factor: "Thanks to top-quality Swiss R-PET, the bottle cycle can be closed when recycling, generating a remarkable environmental benefit. SQS likewise stands for quality, excellence, and Swissness, which is why we are pleased to be able to issue the new Swiss R-PET label for the members of PET-Recycling Schweiz."


Remo Linggi

Media spokesperson, PET-Recycling Schweiz

Telephone (direct): 044 344 10 98


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About PET-Recycling Schweiz

PET-Recycling Schweiz was founded in 1990 and has been engaged in collecting and recycling PET drink bottles since the Beverage Container Ordinance (BCO) came into effect. With more than 55,000 collection points, PET-Recycling Schweiz offers the densest material collection network in Switzerland. PET-Recycling Schweiz is a member of the umbrella association Swiss Recycling, IG saubere Umwelt and Allianz Design for Recycling Plastics.

About the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS)

The Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) has been the leading certification and evaluation institution in Switzerland since 1983. SQS audits, assesses, and certifies organisations and companies. In total, the association has already awarded over 14,000 certificates, more than 1600 of which relate to the environment. Quality is their mission.

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