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"Start-Stop" An innovation... and a byword for economy, silence and pure air!

    Paris (ots/PRNewswire) - In a world première, the Valeo starter-alternator and its Start-Stop function equip a version of the Citroën C3 presented at the 2004 Paris Autoshow. Other carmakers, on all the continents, are also working with Valeo on the introduction of such a system. This innovation, which reduces pollution (both sound and atmospheric) in cities, improves cabin comfort and reduces fuel consumption, won the Epcos/SIA Trophy's Grand Prix of the Jury in June 2004.

    The Start-Stop starter-alternator uses the system's capacity to stop and then restart the engine immediately and silently. This technology therefore saves fuel and avoids pollution when the vehicle stops at a red light or in a traffic jam. The vehicle starts up again quietly and automatically as soon as it is put in gear or, for automatic vehicles or those with robotized gearbox when the foot is released from the brake. The system operates discreetly without disrupting the driver's normal driving habits.

    Making driving peaceful, economical and environmentally-friendly

    For the vehicle user the advantages are numerous: as soon as the vehicle stops, the engine cuts off, thereby eliminating all sources of noise and pollutant emissions, while also reducing fuel consumption.

    In built-up areas, when vehicles are generally at a halt for nearly 35% of driving time, the reduction in fuel consumption using Start-Stop is 6-12%.

    The system's electronics also improve the alternator's performance when producing electricity, which again means less fuel consumption and less carbon dioxide emissions.

    A highly original operating mode

    Valeo has innovated by integrating the functions of an alternator and starter in a single system operating at 14 volts (the traditional voltage for vehicles). Thanks to electronics and software specifically developed to combine these two functions, the performance of Valeo's starteralternator is significantly better than for a starter and alternator operating separately.

    In starter mode, the belt drive and low inertia of the machine mean that the vehicle starts silently and three times more quickly than with a traditional starter.

    In alternator mode, the machine outputs up to 180 amps of electricity at a rate of 85%, over 15% more than a conventional alternator.

    A promising future

    Thanks to its unobtrusive architecture, this solution is easy to install on any vehicle powered by gasoline or diesel. The starter-alternator is fitted in the place of the conventional alternator and uses the same fixings thus freeing up the space where the starter normally goes.

    These major benefits should favor the development of this innovation which can be associated with a manual, robotized or automatic gearbox.

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