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Kingsland Wines & Spirits Invests GBP100,000 With Geac to Help Drive Next Day Deliveries Through New MRPII Culture

    Waltham, Massachusetts and Studley, England (ots/PRNewswire) -

    - ROI Expected by mid 2007 Following Reduction in Stocks and Breakages

    Kingsland Wines & Spirits, a UK own label manufacturer and supplier to  the major supermarkets, has invested GBP100,000 in new hardware and  developments to its System21 enterprise resource planning software. The  investment has been made with Geac(R) (TSX:GAC and NASDAQ:GEAC), a global  enterprise software company, to help the company take full advantage of a  new manufacturing and supply chain culture involving MRPII (Manufacturing  Requirements Planning). Kingsland Wines & Spirits expects to adopt this new working environment fully by mid 2006. Then it expects its supply chain to  benefit from substantially improved stock management, which is anticipated  to provide a return on the Geac investment by mid 2007.

    Replacing a tradition of holding two days of safety stocks, the new    MRPII-based environment will be geared towards just-in-time production,  purchasing and delivery. This will be based on using vendor schedules and  also providing suppliers with the production plans from its bottling plant  in Manchester. This will encourage lower stock holdings as the plant will  be controlled through Works Orders, and in addition, raw materials will  only be reordered as they are consumed on a Kanban basis.

    Improved stock managements will also generate fewer stock movements in  the warehouse. Reducing unnecessary pallet movements will result in less  breakages and wastage. As a result, Kingsland Wines & Spirits estimates  that GBP50,000 will be saved in reduced stock holdings and fewer  breakages in the first year, generating a full return on the Geac  investment by mid 2007.

    Tim Horton, CIO at Kingsland Wines & Spirits, said:

    "Although we are mid-way through a 1 1/2 year initiative, 90% of the  MRPII effort is spent right at the beginning when you need to be committed  to improving data accuracy. Although hard work, it is vital as the benefits  can then really start to flow. As a result of our efforts we expect our  lead times to come down quickly from 24 to 12 hours in 2006, and in 2007 we  will approach same day ordering and delivery. MRPII is truly that powerful."

    Mike Stanbridge, a manufacturing consultant at Geac, said:

    "You cannot force MRPII as it requires a fundamental cultural change.  Kingsland Wines & Spirits has really adopted the right approach to MRPII by  adopting a methodical and gradual two year programme based on peer-to-peer  training. It is vital to take your time if long term benefits are to be  realised. After all, fundamental user resistance can scupper any best  practice initiative."

    A major part of the recent investment is a new IBM iSeries server (model 520 - replacing a model 170). The extra performance and capacity of  the 520 was deemed necessary to handle an expected 50 to 100-fold increase  in transactions associated with the new MRPII environment. Vastly greater  data volumes are expected as Kingsland Wines & Spirits moves from pallet- level to product-level recording and 'lot level' control over packaging.

    Tim Horton explained his choice of IT: "We chose Geac's System21 ERP  software in 1999 due to its excellent Customs & Excise/bonded warehousing  capabilities and we liked the iSeries as it delivers the necessary disk and  memory management that we need. Our new 520 has inbuilt flexibility to  handle multiple operating systems if we choose to adopt them. In addition,  we could also use it as our PC network server in the future if we so wish.  Overall the iSeries is more cost effective than its Unix and Windows rivals."

    About Geac

    Geac (TSX: GAC, NASDAQ:GEAC) is a global enterprise software company  that addresses the needs of the Chief Financial Officer. Geac's best-in- class technology products and services help organisations do more with less  in an increasingly competitive environment, amidst growing regulatory  pressure, and in response to other business issues confronting the CFO.  Further information is available at or through e-mail  at

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