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ShockRounds™ Non-Lethal 'Electric' Bullets Seek European and Global Interest

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    ShockRounds™ - A Breakthrough Law Enforcement Weapon That Also     Addresses Homeland Security and Terrorism

    MDM Group, Inc. (OTC: MDDM) advises now that the Company has progressed to its ShockRounds™ project development stage being ready for commencement, it is seeking expressions of interest from European and other global industry parties that have an interest in future ShockRounds™ representation, licensing and/or manufacturing. Following recent and significant inquiries and positive support, the Company is now looking to expand ShockRounds™ awareness and interest globally through the establishment of strategic relationships during the development stage. The initial non-lethal and less-than-lethal ShockRounds™ prototype "electric" bullets have been commissioned and the company expects to have the first of these specialized piezoelectric bullets ready for demonstration during the course of Q4, 2004.

    ShockRounds™ is a potential breakthrough in non-lethal and less-than-lethal "electric" ballistic products for law enforcement, military, anti-terrorism and Homeland Security initiatives due to their versatility, effectiveness and multiple applications. When fired, a ShockRounds™ specialized bullet generates an extremely high voltage charge that is released upon impact, causing immediate target incapacitation. See:

    In a manner similar to stun guns and "Taser" technology, a ShockRounds™ bullet discharges an electrical shock upon impact and disrupts the nervous system. Unlike stun guns and Tasers however, the kinetically generated charge is delivered via a modified metal or rubber bullet fired from existing standard issued weapons without the use of capacitors or batteries. ShockRounds have the potential to immediately incapacitate the target via electric shock and, even though the disruptive effects are only temporary as with stun guns and Tasers, experts confirm the less-than-lethal results have great potential to positively affect the outcome of an engagement.

    ShockRounds™ are positioned as more versatile with more applications than other non-lethal and less-than-lethal products available today. For example, the ShockRounds™ rubber bullets can incapacitate a target at up to 100 meters, whereas traditional rubber bullets are largely ineffective at their maximum range of about 40 meters. Further, ShockRounds™ rubber bullets are fired from existing standard weapons and are not restricted to close range usage, as is the case with stun guns and products such as the "Taser" gun, which is limited to about 6.5 metres and requires a direct wire to the target.

    ShockRounds™ bullets use the "piezoelectric effect" to generate a high voltage charge in the order of 50'000 volts, with some 175 joules of usable charge. (As a point of comparison, electric fences typically operate at approximately 10 - 25 joules per second.) The global piezo industry has evolved substantially since its discovery decades ago and the more recent introduction of new piezo materials and innovations have allowed ShockRounds™ to produce very high levels of voltage capable of incapacitating a target upon impact.

    ShockRounds™ "electrified" standard bullets and rubber bullets have the potential to:

    --  Make law enforcement safer and more certain
    --  Save lives and reduce collateral damage
    --  Reduce injuries and fatalities
    --  Enable far better control and effective security enablement in
          aircraft, public places, arenas etc.
    --  Contribute to effective anti-terrorism and border control
    --  Reduce legal liability

    Given the global emphasis on law enforcement, security and terrorism prevention, the need for new and more effective non-lethal and less than lethal weapons could not be more acute. ShockRounds™ technology is applicable to a wide range of markets and security needs, introducing far more application and versatility to this market sector.

    Please direct all industry inquiry to Mr. Marshall Couper at in the first instance.

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