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Fédération des Barreaux d'Europe (FBE)

Denial of the Guantanamo detainees' fundamental human rights: Resolution adopted unanimously by the European Bars Federation (FBE)

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Lausanne (ots)

Note: The Resolution can be downloaded free of charge following this
RESOLUTION: The European Bars Federation, General Assembly in Lyon
29th May 2004:
Having taken note that the current US
administration has created a centre for interrogation in Guantanamo
where there are no limits on the period of detention and where the
detainees are prevented from taking proceedings before a proper court
by which the lawfulness of their detention might be judged
The European Bars Federation (FBE) expresses its deep concern
about the denial of fundamental human rights to the prisoners in
The European Bars Federation therefore urges the US administration
not to deny the prisoners the protection of the most fundamental
humanitarian principles of international public law.
Accordingly, the European Bars Federation demands:
- that the detainees in Guantanamo should either be charged with a
     criminal offence or  released,
   - that all accusations against the detainees should be decided by
     an independent court with the possibility of a recourse to an
     ordinary court,
   - that all detainees should have access to legal assistance and
     shall have the right to be represented by independent lawyers of
     their own choosing.
The European Bars Federation is an organisation grouping all Bars
from any member State of the Council of Europe.
In addition to safeguarding the legal profession's fundamental
values, its aim is to promote the Supremacy of the law, the
independence of justice, the right to a fair trial and human rights
The FBE consists of 145 Bars of 19 European countries. It
represents more than 400'000 European lawyers. The resolution above
was adopted unanimously.


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