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PME Group Associates joins US-Based Primacy Relocation

Continental Europe's first full-service global relocation firm signs purchase agreement

    Geneva (ots) - PME Group Associates, continental Europe's first full-service global relocation consulting firm, signed a purchase agreement this week to become a subsidiary of Primacy Relocation, a leading US-based provider of full-service relocation and global assignment management services. The new subsidiary operates under the names Primacy Switzerland and Primacy Deutschland. With offices in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Neuchâtel, Zurich and Munich, the new company will significantly extend Primacy's reach in Europe. Primacy announced in March the opening of its London office.

    "These new Primacy companies are the second step in Primacy Relocation's on-the-ground expansion in Europe, delivering services in key locations for our customers," said Matt Spinolo, Primacy's CEO. "In becoming part of Primacy, the former PME Group operations will have access to truly global resources and industry-leading technology while providing irreplaceable local experience, access and knowledge of Switzerland, Germany and Europe as a whole."

    PME Group's 45 employees will all be retained.

    Led by Managing Director Anne-Claude Lambelet (PME's founder) Primacy's European destination services  now include pre-move orientation, visa/work permit administration, home finding, settling-in services, language training, cross-cultural training, household goods move management, career partner assistance, ongoing destination support and furniture rental.

    Policy and program services include strategic relocation project planning, site studies and selection,  benchmarking, and HR consulting, backed with knowledge of local rules and practices.

    Management services include group move management, employee and client communication, reporting systems, insurance, property management, expatriate expense management, and repatriation assistance, as well as taxation, compensation, and benefits management.

    "The creation of Primacy Switzerland and Primacy Deutschland represents a fusion of the best relocation programs and practices from both Europe and the United States," Lambelet said.

    Lambelet, who is also a shareholding partner in Primacy Switzerland/Deutschland, is a true pioneer in the European Relocation industry. Born a French expatriate in North Vietnam, her own relocations have spanned three continents. She used this experience and lessons learned in counseling other multi-national couples to build the largest woman-owned European Relocation firm.

    "Her work with some of the world's leading companies helped hone the unique combination of fiscal management, service sensibility, and logistical coordination that makes Lambelet and her track record unique," Spinolo added.

    Primacy Relocation is a full-service relocation provider, addressing both U.S.-based and global needs for companies around the world. Primacy offers the full range of global relocation and assignment management services, providing turnkey support in home sales, destination services, household goods move management, program administration, and international assignment support. In addition to its Memphis headquarters Primacy has offices in Dallas, Sacramento, Omaha, Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as Singapore, London, Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Neuchâtel, Zurich and Munich. Primacy is online (in eight languages) at

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