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Chordiant Announces Strategic Agreement With ISBAN the Technology Company of Banesto and Santander Bank

    CUPERTINO, CA (ots) - Partnership Enables New Teller Application and Complete Retail Branch Banking Solution

    Chordiant Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHRD) announced today that it has entered into an agreement to deliver a branch banking teller application with ISBAN, the technology company of Banesto and Santander Bank group. The banking group is Spain's leading financial institution and the second leading European banking group.

    The agreement with the technology company ISBAN enables Chordiant to expand its retail banking solutions to include Chordiant Teller, providing a new consolidated, desktop application to meet the needs of contemporary branch banking. The Chordiant Teller application will complement the Chordiant multi-channel solution for leading retail banking institutions. This new offering is important in positioning Chordiant for the next growth opportunity in retail banking, where branch infrastructure renewal and addressing the teller desktop are critical to providing a complete branch marketing and servicing solution.

    "Our agreement provides the core teller banking components, business processes, and system testing resources for the Chordiant Teller application," said Don Morrison, President of Chordiant. "We investigated a number of possible solutions culminating in this announcement today. The level of complementary product and banking expertise, along with the support of IBM's consulting and implementation services, made this a compelling partnership proposition."

    "This strategic relationship with Chordiant brings together significant intellectual property and expertise in banking, an aligned visionary strategy for retail banks and their branches, and the strength of a common J2EE/XML platform," said Enrique Silva, ISBAN CEO. "This agreement represents a long-term commitment to our company vision of leveraging our technology investments through a partnership with Chordiant to leading retail banks."

    Chordiant Teller is a complete teller solution with over 100 operations and functions that include: branch administration, teller administration, cash and non-cash transactions, cash draw management, foreign exchange including EURO compliance, electronic journaling, transaction management, settlement activity and support for teller peripheral devices.

    Chordiant adds value to the traditional teller desktop solution by providing new and significant capabilities to enable the multi-channel bank and to increase branch productivity and levels of servicing. The Chordiant Teller desktop will provide a comprehensive view of the customer relationship, customer case history including all channels of interaction, relevant marketing offers as well as full access to transactional servicing processes.

    "Large financial institutions, adopting a multi-channel delivery, enterprise architecture, will welcome this integrated J2EE branch banking announcement from Chordiant," said Kevin Lloyd, Chief Technology Officer, Barclays.

    The Chordiant Teller application is deployed as an integrated channel with Chordiant's Straight-Through Service Processing solution, Chordiant's business process management system. It is configured to run as a single J2EE system in a single application server or configured across multiple application servers, delivering a truly scalable and high performance multi-channel retail banking solution. Chordiant Teller not only executes from an application server, but also utilizes a single object model, a single set of enterprise business services, as well as single case history and work management services.

    Chordiant Teller complements a number of existing offerings for retail branch banking which include Chordiant Retail Channel, Chordiant Marketing, and Chordiant Contact Center, in addition to Chordiant Straight-Through Service Processing. These solutions offer a complete retail bank solution running native on industry standard IBM Websphere and BEA Weblogic J2EE platforms.

    The benefits relative to competitive offerings are lower operational costs, with the ability to centrally control the management and operations of branch systems as part of the bank's multi-channel network. A further significant benefit is the adaptability and flexibility offered by these new services based solutions, which can be quickly, easily and cost effectively modified to support ongoing business change.

    "This agreement between Chordiant and ISBAN is innovative and timely," said Mark Greene, Ph.D., General Manager, IBM Global Banking Industry. "The ability to offer and deploy new, complete and proven WebSphere based multi-channel solutions of this pedigree is critical in delivering on the vision of branch renewal and banking on demand."

    For organizations that are transforming the traditional role of the teller, Chordiant provides a customer centric approach to service and transaction delivery in a solution that seamlessly enables a single view of customer with value indicators, marketing offers, selling processes, case management and work management. This delivers the needed information required by branch platform and teller representatives to service the customer's financial transaction requirements within seconds, while increasing the value of the customer interactions by providing value added service in a cost effective solution.

    "The kinds of solutions that Chordiant is providing to retail banks are key to delivering on the promise of branch transformation. The significance of the branch for customers has been well documented, and as banks seek to become more customer centric, integrating this important point of interaction with other delivery channels becomes critical, as does the ongoing need to continue to drive down associated operating costs," said Jerry Silva, Senior Analyst with TowerGroup, the leading research and consulting firm focused on the global financial services industry. "And the development of a teller solution brings Chordiant to the forefront of the branch renewal movement."

    This solution complements Chordiant's existing retail bank and branch platform capabilities being deployed by leading banks in North America and Europe. Chordiant's banking customers include JP Morgan Chase, USAA, CIBC, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, LloydsTSB, Bank of Ireland and Deutsche Bank.

    About Chordiant Software, Inc.

    Chordiant (NASDAQ: CHRD) solutions automate and manage operational business processes for leading service-driven global organizations with a focus on retail finance and telecommunications.

    Chordiant orchestrates the unique processes of an organization from the point of customer interaction, through the front and back offices to multiple transactional systems, corporate applications and data stores. Our solutions integrate existing infrastructure to orchestrate the assembly, enhancement and delivery of optimal role based business processes to the appropriate channels. Business value is realized through improved employee productivity, savings in operational costs, and increased business adaptability.

    Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Chordiant maintains offices in Boston; Chicago; Mahwah, N.J.; Manchester, N.H.; New York City; London; Paris; Amsterdam; and Munich.

    About ISBAN

    ISBAN is a leading software company based in Madrid, Spain providing a broad range of solutions in the retail banking sector. ISBAN is the technology company established by Banesto and Santander banking group. Grupo Santander has assets of approximately $420 billion, is Spain's leading financial institution, the second in the Euro Zone and has a shareholder value surpassed only by Citicorp, HSBC and JP Morgan Chase. Spanish banking is most well-known for its innovation and Grupo Santander is considered by many to be a leading innovator in retail banking and has a history of growth through acquisitions in Europe and Latin America.

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