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Prionics: New test to combat scrapie and mad cow disease in sheep and goats

Schlieren-Zurich (ots)

An innovative new test is now available to detect TSE (scrapie and mad cow disease) in sheep and goats. With the Prionics®-Check PrioSTRIP SR, Prionics brings to the market the first test to achieve high diagnostic sensitivity on preclinical TSE cases. The test was approved today by the European Commission for use in TSE testing in small ruminants*. The Prionics®-Check PrioSTRIP SR can detect scrapie earlier than conventional tests and will therefore significantly contribute to TSE control programs.

The Prionics®-Check PrioSTRIP SR was extensively tested in a laboratory evaluation directed by the European Commission. The product fulfilled all the requirements of the EU evaluation and has now been approved as a rapid test for detection of TSE in the central nervous system of small ruminants (i.e. sheep and goats).

Superior detection of preclinical scrapie

The Prionics®-CHECK PrioSTRIP SR detected EU reference samples of classical and atypical scrapie in sheep and goats as well as BSE in sheep with a sensitivity and specificity of 100%. The Prionics®-CHECK PrioSTRIP SR also proved to be the first test kit to achieve a high diagnostic sensitivity on preclinical TSE cases. Most importantly, the test can detect infection as early as 7 months post exposure, which is earlier - during the incubation period - than the reference tests. "Early detection of scrapie is a critical factor in disease control programs" says Ernst Zollinger, Head of Marketing and Sales at Prionics. "In contrast to BSE, scrapie is an outbreak disease which could not be eliminated for centuries. The earlier the infection is detected means that the costs associated with managing scrapie can be minimized."

PrioSTRIP®SR: Fast and simple

The Prionics®-Check PrioSTRIP SR is not only the most sensitive test, but is also the fastest and simplest sheep TSE test on the market, making it an excellent tool to monitor the incidence of TSE in small ruminants. This fast high throughput laboratory assay delivers results in just over one hour and is based on immunochromatography, using antibody-mediated detection of scrapie and BSE prions. The Prionics®-Check PrioSTRIP SR is an economical test as it requires only minimal laboratory equipment and produces little waste. This fast and convenient test uses the same technology as the established and successful PrioSTRIP® test for BSE in cattle, meaning that the same test principle can be used for the detection of BSE in cattle and TSE in small ruminants.

About TSE in small ruminants

Small ruminants (sheep and goats) can be infected with scrapie or BSE under natural circumstances. While scrapie is thought to be non-infectious to humans, it is unclear whether BSE in sheep and goats could cause Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans, similar to that of BSE in cattle. Small ruminant testing programs, initiated by the European Community to identify the incidence of TSE in sheep and goats, are ongoing.

About Prionics

Prionics AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is a leading provider of farm animal diagnostics and is a recognized center of expertise in BSE and prion diseases. Prionics produces and markets innovative diagnostic solutions for major farm animal diseases, aiding in the protection of consumer health. Prionics is the main sponsor of the 16th International Symposium of the World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians in Berlin June 5-8, 2013.


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