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06.04.2004 – 16:11


Syndesis Evolves DSL Provisioning for Value-Added Broadband Services - Dynamic Provisioning Enables Service Providers to Grow Margins With Differentiated Business and Consumer Offerings

Toronto (ots)

Syndesis, the company that brings networks to life
globally, today announced Release 5.0 of its Syndesis DSL solution
suite that redefines service fulfillment economics for the next
generation in value-added broadband services. This latest Syndesis
solution suite offers the most comprehensive set of off-the-shelf
dynamic provisioning, activation and discovery capabilities and
enables service providers to improve their bottom line by delivering
high-margin services to business customers and the consumer
"Communications service providers now face shrinking margins on
first generation broadband services and sharply declining revenues
from traditional voice. To offset these financial pressures,
providers must rapidly and profitably grow their value-added data
services. Doing this requires automated processes that can manage the
complexity of new service offerings and profitably scale the volume
of these services to significant levels," explains Larry Goldman,
Partner and Co-Founder of OSS Observer. "Having established itself as
a leader in automated provisioning and activation for basic broadband
services, Syndesis is well positioned to provide the additional
capabilities service providers need to improve margins with
value-added services."
With Syndesis' award-winning software, leading service providers
in Europe and North America are shortening time-to-market and
containing costs for new, differentiated broadband services by
dramatically improving service delivery automation within a wide
variety of network and operations environments. Processing upwards of
10'000 service orders per hour and rolling out innovative offers to
new and existing markets, these providers can now seize the
opportunities afforded by rapidly growing broadband access
penetration -- whether based on DSL, Metro Ethernet,
Fiber-To-The-Anything (FTTx), or wireless Wi-Fi and WiMAX.
"The future of broadband is not mere access. It's on-demand and
pay-per-use services that attract a new tier of high value customers
and open new revenue streams from current subscribers," said Mark
Nicholson, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Product
Development for Syndesis. "The fulfillment challenge that service
providers still face, however, is how to deliver these value-added
services profitably. With our solution, service providers can sharpen
their focus on delivering the next generation of broadband services
by using the best technology available for the job, achieving a
'network infrastructure triple play' -- any vendor, any technology,
any topology."
With the introduction of Release 5.0, Syndesis' DSL solution suite
   now offers:
  • Service application enhancements, such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Voice-over-DSL (VoDSL), Voice-over-Broadband (VoBB), Video-on-Demand (VoD), and ultra high-speed Internet, that leverage new functional capabilities inherent within the latest access equipment;
  • Support for over 150 network elements, with out-of-the-box support for the latest DSL equipment from vendors such as Adtran, Alcatel, Cisco, Copper Mountain, Juniper, Lucent, Marconi, Nokia and Siemens;
  • Support for next generation DSLAMs and Aggregation routers that utilize Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and Virtual or Transparent LAN transport that enable lower-cost, more flexible metro distribution architecture; and,
  • Dynamic support for PVC, Virtual Path, or hybrid Layer 2 and 3-based access architectures with service model support ranging from re-provisioning for basic services to fully on-demand provisioning for more complex services.
DSL Broadband Solutions for Business
Service providers are under increased pressure from business
customers to expand their broadband service offerings, while keeping
delivery costs to a minimum. Syndesis helps service providers meet
this challenge and cost-effectively deliver the next generation in
broadband services with features such as:
  • Emerging service support -- enables new services such as VoBB for IP-based Centrex PBX connectivity, VoD and ultra high-speed virtual private networks (VPNs) -- available over a range of broadband access infrastructures (DSL, fiber) and core transport technologies (Frame Relay, ATM, Gigabit Ethernet);
  • Service layer abstraction -- supports a ubiquitous end-to-end view of broadband services, allowing a seamless integration of existing and emerging access technologies while shielding provisioners from underlying network complexities;
  • Policy-based service provisioning -- enables business-driven views and control of service fulfillment by routing services based on business policies, quality of service (QoS) classes and real-time network events; and,
  • Business analytics application -- monitors the Syndesis system and network interfaces, providing reports on provisioning, activation and upload performance to meet service layer agreements (SLAs); also reports on the uptake of new services as they roll out, ensuring service providers can track and target their most successful service offerings.
DSL Broadband Solutions for Consumers
Faced with price wars and other market pressures, service
providers are turning toward higher margin voice, data and digital
video services for the mass market. Syndesis is setting a new
standard for automated, dynamic service provisioning and activation
essential for high-volume, differentiated broadband service delivery
by featuring:
- Cutting-edge technology support -- extensive out-of-the-box
     support for existing and emerging network elements and  
     technologies that enable margin-enhancing broadband services   
     such as VoIP, VoDSL or VoBB, plus enhanced digital video and  
     data services across emerging transport infrastructures such as
Passive Optical Networks (PON) or Gigabit Ethernet (GigE);
  • Vendor neutrality -- an essential requirement for simplified vendor selection, enabling service providers to base network equipment strategies on business drivers rather than vendor incumbency while leveraging vendor-specific features that may provide a competitive differentiator for broadband access services; and,
  • Unmatched system performance and scalability -- automated end-to-end service provisioning and activation with transaction rates measured in the thousands of orders per hour, not days or weeks.
Release 5.0 of the Syndesis DSL solution suite is designed to
address broadband network and service complexity and dynamic service
provisioning. Pre-provisioning may handle the demands for basic
broadband services adequately, but as new enhanced 'voice-data-video'
service bundling becomes the norm, the 'one service fits all' model
must evolve to a new dynamic, on-demand service delivery paradigm.
Syndesis' DSL solutions seamlessly manage this evolution, efficiently
and cost-effectively. It handles the large number of new and diverse
service offerings associated with the next generation in broadband
services -- and does this without disrupting carriers' existing
operational methods and procedures.
Release 5.0 of the Syndesis DSL solution suite includes the
award-winning Syndesis® NetProvision™, Syndesis® NetDiscover™ and
Syndesis® NetOptimizer™ products and is available immediately.
About Syndesis
Syndesis ( empowers the world's largest
telecommunications companies to provide new network experiences for
their customers by enabling rapid and reliable delivery of profitable
next generation data services. Renowned for customer responsiveness,
in-depth network expertise and off-the-shelf support for more
technologies and equipment than any other OSS software developer,
Syndesis is the vendor of choice in deployments at more than 20 major
service providers worldwide. Well-funded and privately held, Syndesis
is backed by leading venture capital firms including Greylock, Helix,
Pequot, Sequoia and VenGrowth. Cisco Systems, Convergys Corporation
and Nortel Networks recommend and sell Syndesis software to their


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