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21.03.2007 – 08:01

RHI Magnesita

Preliminary results 2006: RHI group profit at record level

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finances/Preliminary results 2006
RHI reported a group profit amounting to EUR
157.9 million in 2006 (previous year: EUR 97.3 million), which 
contributed substantially to further improving equity in the 
consolidated balance sheet. Undiluted earnings per share amounted to 
EUR 5.81 in 2006 (previous year: EUR 4.07), fully diluted earnings 
per share to EUR 4.01 (previous year: EUR 2.55), up 57%. EUR 97.1 
million of the RHI Group’s profit (previous year: 82.8 million) were 
accounted for by continued operations with RHI’s core business, 
Refractories; the discontinued Insulating operations (Heraklith 
Group) contributed a book profit of EUR 60.8 million (previous year: 
EUR 14.5 million). Since the sale of Heraklith in 2006, RHI has been 
focusing on its position as world market leader for high-grade 
refractories systems solutions; the restructuring of the Group was 
completed successfully with the record results 2006. Net financial 
liabilities continued to fall considerably by 34% to EUR 419.7 
million in 2006 (previous year: EUR 636.4 million). This corresponds 
to the 2.3-fold EBITDA of the year 2006 and reflects the financial 
success of the reorganisation and the RHI Group’s newly gained scope 
for profitable growth in refractories worldwide.
RHI’s consolidated revenue (continued operations) rose by 11.4% to 
EUR 1,335.8 million in 2006 (previous year: EUR 1,199.4 million). 
With this increase in revenue, RHI outperformed the growth rates of 
its client industries and the refractories market, and expanded is 
position as the world market leader further. RHI’s divisions Steel 
(+10.9%) and Industrial (+13.3%) continuously expanded their business
in a good market environment and gained market share in important 
growth regions worldwide. EBITDA in the RHI Group amounted to EUR 
179.5 million (previous year: EUR 156.4 million); EBIT was EUR 133.8 
million in 2006 (previous year: EUR 115.5 million), in increase by 
15.8%. The EBIT margin increased to 10.0% (previous year: 9.6%) 
although energy and raw material costs continued to rise.
All figures for 2006 are preliminary; the final results and RHI’s 
consolidated balance sheet 2006 will be published after the balance 
sheet has been approved, on 25 April 2007.
The outlook for 2007 is positive. Based on business development and 
the level of incoming orders, the refractories business is expected 
to develop well. There are good opportunities worldwide to expand 
market position and earnings power further in the coming years. RHI’s
objective is to increase revenue to EUR 2.0 billion by 2010 through 
organic growth and targeted acquisitions and to raise its world 
market share to over 15%. Key figures is available on RHI’s website 
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Investor Relations
Dkfm. Markus Richter
Tel: +43-1-50213-6123

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Weitere Storys: RHI Magnesita