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Publication of the planned implementation of the repurchase of own shares according to §65 para. 1 section 8 and §65 para. 1a AktG

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The resolution  of  the  general  meeting  on  29th  July  2008   authorised  the Management Board of ZUMTOBEL AG, with the consent of the Supervisory  Board  and within 18 months from the date of the resolution, in accordance with § 65  para. 1 section 8 and § 65 para. 1a of the Stock  Act  (Aktiengesetz),  to  repurchase the company's own shares to an extent of up  to  10  %  of  the  share  capital, taking into account the shares already acquired and still owned by the  company, for a price of between EUR 5  minimum  and  EUR 50   maximum  per  single  share, including  the  authorisation  for  the Management  Board  to  incorporate  the company's own shares, to   resell  them  via  the  stock  market  or  within  the framework of a public offering, whereby trading in the company's own  shares  is not permitted;  where  shares  are  offered  to  participants  in  the   employee stakeholding scheme to fulfil exercised options,  the  issue may  also  take  a different form.

This resolution of the general meeting was published on 29th July   2008  on  the company's website.

The Management Board of ZUMTOBEL AG resolved  on  29th  July  2008,   to  acquire shares in the company to the extent of up to 1,943,555 shares at a price  of  up to EUR 20.5 in accordance with the authorisation granted on 29th  July  2008  by the general meeting after the consent of the Supervisory Board.

Of these shares, if necessary, 239,211 may be used to fulfil share   options  for members of the Management Board and certain management staff of ZUMTOBEL  AG  or an associated company within the framework of the employee stakeholding  scheme.

Number and distribution of options within the employee stakeholding scheme:  the last allocation of options in the Stock Option Programme (SOP) for the  Zumtobel Group took place on the basis of figures for the 2007/2008 financial  year.  The last possible date for the exercise of these options is 30.04.2015, in  exercise

@@start.t2@@windows following the publication of quarterly reports by the company. There  is no holding period for shares thus acquired.

The number and distribution of share options already allocated and exercised  is as follows:

|Overview of ZUMTOBEL AG options as at 31.07.2008

|                         |No. allocated |No.          |No.          |Remaining |No. own      |
|                         |options          |exercised |options    |stock of  |shares        |
|                         |                      |/              |still to  |own shares|still         |
|                         |                      |fulfilled |be            |                |required    |
|                         |                      |options    |exercised |                |                 |
|                         |                      |                |                |                |                 |
|Management Board|325.000          |266.400    |58.600      |                |                 |
|                         |                      |                |                |                |                 |
|Rest                  |765.427          |530.162    |235.265    |                |                 |
|                         |                      |                |                |                |                 |
|TOTAL                 |1.090.427        |796.562    |293.865    |54.654      |239.211      |@@end@@

1,704,344 shares in  the  company  as  well  as  the  shares  not   required  for fulfilment of the SOP may  all  be  used  for  the   purposes  specified  in  the authorisation resolution from the general meeting.

Duration of the repurchase programme: 11th August 2008 to 11th February 2009. Class of shares: individual shares (ISIN: AT0000837307). Maximum number of shares to be acquired:  up  to   1,943,555  individual  shares, corresponding to around 4.35 % of the share capital. Value per share: EUR 5 minimum, EUR 20.50 maximum. Acquisition method: Wiener Börse AG.

The repurchase is to take place under the management of  a  credit   institution, which  will  make  decisions  on  the  time  of   acquisition  independently  and uninfluenced by the company, and according to the Safe Harbour regulations of  § 48e para. 6  Austrian Stock  Exchange  Act  (BörseG)  in  connection  with  the Commission Regulation (EC) No 2273/2003 of 22nd December 2003.

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