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22.09.2004 – 10:56

Worlddidac / MCH Group

WORLDDIDAC Basel 2004 is ready to take off

    Basel (ots)

The prospects couldn't be better for WORLDDIDAC Basel 2004: around five weeks before its opening of the exhibition on 27 October 2004, there are 394 registered companies covering an exhibition area of 9,070 square meters. 240 exhibitors are from outside of Switzerland (9% more than 2002), including many reputed companies such as Bio-Rad Laboratories Ltd. (UK), Mekruphy GmbH (Germany), Prodit Engineering S.p.A. (Italy) and Ward's Natural Science Est. (USA).

    Exhibitors from over 27 countries will be presenting their latest products, services and creative solutions for modern teaching from 27 to 29 October 2004 in Hall 1 of the Basel Exhibition. But WORLDDIDAC Basel 2004 offers much more than just means and methods: the event will be complemented by conferences, presentations and seminars held by renowned Swiss and international experts.

    WORLDDIDAC Basel 2004 is the leading forum for decision-makers from the schools system, educators at all levels of schooling, representatives from industry and service companies and employees in teaching, training and social projects from home and abroad. It provides a welcome platform for assessing, comparing and discussing new forms of learning and alternative types of education with competent partners.

    Conference "e-education 2004"

    For the first time, e-education, an event devoted to the new technologies in education, is taking place within WORLDDIDAC Basel 2004. The conference is dedicated to the latest educational technologies and their practical applications. It will open on 27 October 2004 with the topic "Collaborative Knowledge Networks (CKN)". CKN are self-organizing teams of highly motivated people working together towards a common goal, usually outside of organizational boundaries and across conventional hierarchies. You can also think of CKN as virtual communities of practice enabled by the Web. The people within a CKN develop ideas that can lead to the creation of innovative products and solutions for all domains of life.

    Even though the principles of CKN have been used, perhaps without being aware of them, for many centuries, it has only been through the existence of the Internet that it became possible to examine their mechanisms systematically. An international Team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has researched over several years the work and communications structures within and between companies with regard to product development, enterprise building and other relevant factors.

    The practical findings of this research will be shown at the e-education 2004 considering actual examples from enterprises, universities and international organizations. Using various approaches from product innovation to the promotion of the Internet in developing countries, speakers will show how CKN are constructed and how they are actually implemented. A very relevant Fort European Company in this respect is their ability to innovate because this is the key to the creation of new and sustainable economic sectors.

    Examples for success from the world of enterprises will focus on technology development (Dr. Josef Hofer-Alfeis, Siemens, Germany), the automobile production (Dr. Dirk Havighorst, DaimlerChrysler, Germany) and on architecture (Prof. Dr. Gunter Henn, Henn Architects, Germany).

    The CKN-day will be concluded with a series of workshops where experts from known enterprises such as Novartis, IBM, Deloitte, and Sun will present how their CKN are functioning.

    Further Education Forum

    Teachers will receive in the Further Education Forum information and advice about the opportunities in the field of their professional development. Using the motto "Learning - Consulting - Professionalism" the forum will cover various aspects of the actual situation in professional further education and offers a meeting place for educators and school administrators on all levels. The presentations of Prof. Dr. Peter Sieber, Dr. Heinz Klippert and Dr. Manfred Spitzer, all three known personalities from the German speaking area, will be the special highlights of the Forum. Apart from the presentations there will be also 24 workshops within the Forum, hosted by experts from different countries. The workshops will be centered on three main topics: "Learning", "Fascination", "Sensual School" and "Counseling and Identity".

    Main partners

    WORLDDIDAC Basel 2004 is supported by its media partners Bildung Schweiz, Berufsbildung Schweiz and the GABAL edition, and by its supporting partners and Swissmem professional training.

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    WORLDDIDAC Basel 2004 in brief

    Date:                Wednesday 27 to Friday 29 October 2004

    Venue:              Basel Exhibition, Hall 1

    Opening times: Wednesday and Thursday 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
                            Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

    Admission:        CHF 20.- adults at the ticket office
                            CHF 10.- schoolchildren, students, pensioners

    Online ticket: CHF 16.- adults, at



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    Organiser:        MCH Basel Exhibition Ltd., a subsidiary of
                            MCH Swiss Exhibition Ltd.

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