Teleclub and cablecom begin co-operation

    Zurich (ots) - Teleclub and cablecom agreed to cooperate. The two companies will work together to promote and disseminate Teleclub's digital pay TV services.  From June 2007, Teleclub's digital TV services will be available on cablecom's digital TV platform. The products will be promoted jointly. The services are available to the subscribers of both companies.

    Cablecom and Teleclub AG reached an agreement on 11th October 2006. On the basis of this agreement, the two companies will in future co-operate in the field of digital TV. From June 2007, Teleclub's digital services will be available on cablecom's digital TV platform. Sales and customer subscription divisions will also be consolidated. Therefore, from summer 2007, cablecom will also promote Teleclub's services and conclude subscription contracts for Teleclub. The co-operation signals the end of long-standing differences between the two companies with regard to the distribution of Teleclub's fee-paying services. A limited selection of Teleclub's services has been available on cablecom's cable network since December 2002 via Teleclub's set-top box. This restriction no longer applies.

    Customers of both providers will benefit

    For cablecom customers, the new co-operation will significantly improve the range of digital TV services. Teleclub provides 17 channels with a comprehensive range of programmes and an excellent film programme that broadcasts 360 TV premieres each year as well as feature films, children's programmes, documentaries and also numerous specialised channels. A broad range of sports programmes are also provided: in addition to football (Axpo Super League, German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League) and the Swiss National Ice Hockey League, other sports such as golf will be broadcast live. From summer 2007, cablecom customers will only need one set-top box, available both with and without a recording function, to access these services.

    Existing Teleclub subscribers to the cablecom network will continue to access Teleclub services via their set-top box. However, now they can subscribe to all 17 channels. Additionally, cablecom digital TV provides over 130 TV, radio and audio channels. From June 2007, the combined range of services (including cablecom digital TV) will be disseminated via cablecom's digital TV platform.

      Working together to develop the growth of digital television

    The CEO of Teleclub, Stephan Sager, is very pleased with this development: "This co-operation is in the interest of all of our customers. Now they can enjoy the entire range of our services via the cablecom cable network as well as having access to our attractive and exclusive pay TV service providing films, documentaries, TV series and sports programmes."

    Rudolf Fischer, Managing Director, cablecom: "Cablecom has provided digital TV since 1999. The co-operation with Teleclub is an important step towards the digitalisation of television in our cable network. In future, cablecom customers can access not only the broad range of services provided by cablecom digital TV but also high-quality pay TV programmes with digital image and sound quality. And since our motto is 'plug and play', all customers will benefit from our easy-to-use products."

    About Teleclub

    Teleclub AG has been the leading provider of franchised pay TV in Switzerland for over 20 years. Since 2001, it has provided a comprehensive service of digital programmes which now comprises 17 channels. In addition to a feature film channel, broadcasting around 360 television premieres each year, the services also include further film channels with film highlights, film classics, science fiction films and Disney Channel. Current TV series, a detective series channel, and specialised channels with documentaries on nature, the environment, animals, health and history are also provided. The service is completed with a comprehensive and exclusive range of sports programmes on three channels.

    About cablecom

    Cablecom is Switzerland's largest cable network operator, offering its customers quadruple-play products in cable television, broadband Internet, mobile and fixed-network telephone services. Cablecom also supplies voice, data and value-added services for business customers. In addition, cablecom provides cable network companies with plant engineering and construction, as well as application and transmission services for television, telephone and Internet. The company's own nationwide network (one of only two in Switzerland) supplies 14 of the country's 16 largest cities. Cablecom is an international subsidiary of UPC Broadband, the European cable network group of Liberty Global Inc.

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