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ANA reports consolidated financial results for the interim of FY2003

    Tokio, Japan (ots) -

    1. Consolidated financial highlights for the period ended September 30, 2003

    (1) Summary of consolidated operating results Yen (Millions)

                            Interim      Year      Interim        Year        FY2002      
                            FY2003         on        FY2002          on                        
                                              year                         year                        
                                              (%)                          (%)                        

    Operating            608,341    (2.2)    622,134    (2.6)      1,215,909

    Operating              14,460    (3.1)      14,928  (66.2)         (2,597)

    Recurring              14,310    138.0        6,012  (81.2)        (17,236)

    Net income            20,570        -         (8,105)        -         (28,256)

    Net income         13.42yen                 (5.28yen)              (18.42yen)
    (loss) per                                                                                        

    Diluted net        12.59yen                            -                            -
    income per                                                                                        

    Gain (loss)              (64)                      (105)                         364
    on equity                                                                                          

    number of                                                                                          
    shares of                                                                                          
    during the  1,532,814,664         1,534,237,705          1,533,940,445

    Note: Changes in the accounting policy during the period: none (2) Summary of consolidated financial positions Yen (Millions)

                              Interim FY2003    Interim FY2002          FY2002        
                                    (As of                 (As of            (As of March  
                                September 30,      September 30,        31, 2003)      
                                    2003)                  2002)                                    

    Total assets                1,491,138            1,455,578            1,442,573

    Shareholders'                 144,510                141,624                121,954

    Shareholders'                      9.7%                    9.7%                    8.5%
    equity ratio                                                                                      

    Shareholders'                94.25yen              92.32yen              79.57yen
    equity per                                                                                        

    Number of                                                                                          
    shares of                                                                                          
    at balance            1,533,325,206      1,533,981,551      1,532,694,609
    sheet date                                                                                        

    (3) Summary of consolidated cash flows Yen (Millions)

                                  Interim FY2003      Interim FY2002        FY2002    
    Cash flows from                      34,144                  66,109         85,952

    Cash flows from                  (37,990)                  13,996      (52,478)

    Cash flows from                      17,374                (70,006)      (63,364)

    Cash and cash                        171,468                 197,300        158,121
    equivalents at                                                                                  
    the end of the                                                                                  

    (4) Scope of consolidation and application of the equity method

    Number of consolidated subsidiaries: 103

    Number of non-consolidated subsidiaries accounted for by the equity method: 6

    Number of affiliates accounted for by the equity method: 19

    (5) Change of scope of consolidation and application of the equit
                                          Consolidation      Equity method  
  Newly added                            -                              1
  Excluded                                 6                              -

    2. Forecast of consolidated operating results for the period ending March 31, 2004

                                                                  Yen (Millions)

      Operating revenues                                  1,218,000
      Recurring profit (loss)                                14,000
      Net income (loss)                                         17,500

    Note: Forecast of net income per share: 11.41 yen

    This forecast is made based on (1) the information available to ANA as of the date of publication of this material and (2) assumptions as of the same date with respect to the various factors which might have impact on the future financial result of ANA. The reader should be aware that actual results could differ materially due to various factors with reference to the supporting data.

    This information is provided by RNS     The company news service from the London Stock Exchange

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