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CreekPath Systems Significantly Increases Operational Efficiencies for Users With Release of CreekPath Suite 3.1

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    CreekPath Integrates File Analysis, Back Up and Database     Operations Management Into Suite; Helps Tie Storage to Overall     Business Strategy

    CreekPath Systems, an award-winning, independent software vendor helping organisations obtain the maximum value from their storage network, today announced the release of the CreekPath 3.1 Storage Operations Management suite. The CreekPath Suite 3.1 is a significant step forward in Storage Operations Management in that it adds new capabilities in file analysis, backup and recovery management, database management, decision support, as well as legacy component integration.

    With the delivery of the CreekPath Suite 3.1, CreekPath Systems is redefining storage management by enabling centralised, on-demand, process management of the entire networked storage environment from a business perspective. The CreekPath Suite focuses on optimising the storage infrastructure for business critical applications enabling organisations to move beyond the active management of complex storage environments to self-regulated, agile storage operations.

    Michael Peterson, president of Strategic Research Group agrees with this approach. Peterson says that, "The best approach today to solving complexity is to stop doing 'management' in the classic sense of monitoring, visualising, analysing and twiddling knobs and replace it with on-demand, workflow, and process automation. By providing an integrated solution that offers on-demand process automation from the application through to recovery management, CreekPath Systems is changing the way people view their storage operations and processes."

    The new features available in the CreekPath Suite include:

    --  Customisable, workflow driven processes for consistency,
          control and accountability.
    --  Self-regulated automated provisioning to improve service
          levels and reduce labor intensity.
    --  The NetBackup Process Automation Module (PAM) enables
          enterprise wide Backup Operations Management to ensure data
    --  The Oracle Database Process Automation Module (PAM) drills
          into the database and optimises table space and log space
    --  The CNT Process Automation Module (PAM) supports the
          discovery, visualisation, monitoring, reporting and
          provisioning for the CNT FC-9000 and FC-9000/16.
    --  The CreekPath Information Portal, a decision support portal,
          that allows customised operation reports for rapid decision
          making by providing a direct view into every aspect of the
          storage infrastructure, file system and application.
    --  The CreekPath InformationLink gives users the ability to
          extract information from other data repositories and display
          the analysis via a single management console.
    --  The CreekPath File Analysis Module utilises the CreekPath
          policy engine, the CreekPath Information Portal and
          Information Link to provide file level usage, aging, ownership
          and utilisation analysis.
    The CreekPath Suite has the most extensive storage array and
interconnect device support in the industry and continues this
support with the release of the CreekPath Suite 3.1. A member of
SNIA, CreekPath is compliant with the existing Storage Management
Initiative (SMI) specification. CreekPath supplements the SMI
interface with native APIs to expose the unique features and
capabilities of the installed storage elements. As a result, the
CreekPath Suite enables automatic, policy-based workflow driven
management of the storage components. This automatic management is
provided through the CreekPath Suite Process Automation Modules

    The CreekPath Suite NetBackup PAM transforms back-up operations management into a standardised process that includes enterprise-wide management of the primary and secondary storage relationships to ensure that all storage assets are optimised. This end-to-end management provides administrators with critical information including the availability of application data for productivity increases. Integration of the NetBackup PAM with the Oracle Database PAM and the CreekPath Information Portal allows customers to identify critical assets that may be at recovery risk and take immediate proactive action.

    The CreekPath Suite Oracle Database PAM enables database operations management through monitoring and reporting of mission critical databases from the instance to the spindle level to optimise application performance and availability. The CreekPath Suite can report on enterprise-wide database utilisation and provide information for the facilitation of database consolidation. The Oracle Database PAM seamlessly integrates into the CreekPath workflow to drive specific processes and ensure service levels are being achieved.

    The CreekPath CNT PAM has detailed knowledge of the operating characteristics of FC-9000 and FC-9000/16 and manages the interface between the CreekPath Platform and the storage elements. From a single pane of glass, the CreekPath Suite supports the discovery, visualisation, monitoring, reporting and provisioning for the CNT FC-9000 and FC-9000/16 easing the overall management of the environment and improving staff efficiencies.

    Customisable workflow automates the entire change management process within IT operations all through a single sign on and single pane of glass. With the introduction of the CreekPath Suite 3.1, CreekPath's unique workflow process is now customisable and easily distributed among the different departments responsible for the storage environment leading to high levels of control and accountability throughout the organisation.

    "There are many constituencies within an organisation with a stake in the effectiveness of storage investments. The right move for companies today is to recognise all of these disparate communities and tie them together with the critical IT processes in the management of the storage environment for the fastest possible business results at the lowest possible costs," said Raymond Paquet, vice president, research director, Gartner.

    The CreekPath Information Portal is an integrated decision support system. This web-based portal is used for enterprise wide analysis and reporting of storage, assets, costs, data protection and service levels. It provides insight into every aspect of the storage infrastructure, file systems, and applications all from an operations perspective. The CreekPath Information Portal provides information about the past and current states of the applications tied into the networked storage environment and facilitates planning for future needs.

    The CreekPath InformationLink provides information extraction from defined data repositories by obtaining information from a third party tool and displaying it via the CreekPath Information Portal. This type of information linking ensures that all applications that are a part of the networked storage environment are reported on and managed. This information linking also enables the management of the entire networked storage environment, including legacy applications to offer investment protection for tools that were previously purchased.

    The CreekPath File Analysis Module incorporates policies that utilise the existing CreekPath Suite file system information for more intelligent scanning. Traditional audit schedules also can be run. The CreekPath Suite File Analysis Module (FAM) provides detailed knowledge of files by owner utilisation, aging and type. This file analysis enables identification of:

    --  duplicate files
    --  infrequently accessed files
    --  aged files that have not been accessed
    --  inappropriate files by file type
    --  orphaned files where the user owner no longer exists
    --  applications that exceed their total file storage quotas
    --  users that exceed their total file storage quotas
    "A new approach must be taken to solve the complexity problem in
today's storage environments. It is imperative to look at this
problem from a holistic, business perspective," said Dennis Grant,
CEO, CreekPath Systems. "With the introduction of the CreekPath Suite
3.1, we are filling the need in the market for a solution that
assesses the total storage infrastructure from a business view and
ensures that strategic business level objectives are met for
operational efficiency improvements."

    About CreekPath Systems

    CreekPath Systems is an award-winning, independent software vendor that is dedicated to helping organisations obtain the maximum value from their storage network. CreekPath simplifies, stabilises, and secures the storage management process by enabling people to visualise and control their storage operations maximising efficiency through a single management console. Using the CreekPath Storage Operations Management suite, our customers have achieved dramatic reductions in capital and administrative costs while at the same time improving service levels to their users. Visit the CreekPath web site at for more information.

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