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Wi-Fi® Purchasing Made Easier for Consumers: Color-Coded Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Logo and New Interoperability - Certificate Provide Useful Information for Consumers

    Austin, TX (ots) - The Wi-Fi Alliance today announced two new elements to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED branding program: the color-coded Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo and the product Interoperability Certificate. These enhancements are designed to assist a broad range of consumers with their WLAN purchasing decisions and to help them confirm that their products are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED for interoperability.

    The number and frequency of Wi-Fi enhancements continues to drive the technology forward. These new branding elements are designed to reduce the complexity in buying decisions and to allow for future technology enhancements.

    Example of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo with SII "Wi-Fi continues to get even better with enhancements to the IEEE 802.11 specifications. However, technology consumers at home and in the enterprise need to know which features of their products have been certified for interoperability by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The source for this information is the Interoperability Certificate displayed with each CERTIFIED product on the Wi-Fi Alliance Web site, at www.wi-fi.org/certified_products," said Wi-Fi Alliance Managing Director, Frank Hanzlik. "The new logo is specifically designed for consumers selecting a product in retail stores. It helps consumers ensure that they buy products that work together -- improving the Wi-Fi purchase experience," Hanzlik added.

    The Alliance will require newly CERTIFIED products to place the Standard Indicator Icons on the front of product packaging when the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo is used. The Interoperability Certificate, which provides detailed product information regarding capabilities and features that have passed the Wi-Fi Alliance's interoperability testing requirements, is recommended for the inside of product packaging. For an example of the new Interoperability Certificate, visit www.wi-fi.org/certificate.

    About the Wi-Fi Alliance

    The Wi-Fi Alliance (formerly WECA) is the global Wi-Fi organization that created the Wi-Fi brand. A nonprofit organization, the Alliance was formed in 1999 to certify interoperability of IEEE 802.11 products and to promote them as the global, wireless LAN standard across all market segments.

    The Wi-Fi Alliance has instituted a test suite that defines how member products are tested to certify that they are interoperable with other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products. These tests are conducted at an independent laboratory.

    Membership in the Wi-Fi Alliance is open to all companies that support the IEEE 802.11 family of standards. The Wi-Fi Alliance now comprises over 200 members from the world's leading companies. These companies offer over 1'250 Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products. For more information, please visit www.wi-fi.org, and for information on Wi-Fi ZONE™ public access locations go to www.wi-fizone.org.

    Editor's Note:

    High-resolution color and black-and-white versions of the new Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo with SII and the Interoperability Certificate are available upon request.

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