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Open Mobile Alliance Announces First Year Milestones - New Interoperable Enabler Releases Demonstrate Clear Progress Towards Mobile Interoperability

    Berlin (ots) - Today, the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) announced at
its inaugural Annual General Meeting the key milestones achieved in
its mission to promote interoperability across the mobile value
chain. OMA announced a series of initiatives, including five new
Enabler Releases, bringing the total number over its first year of
operation to sixteen. In addition, OMA reported significant progress
in Technical Plenary activities, membership and industry liaisons.
    Progress Towards Interoperability
    In recent months, OMA has introduced five new service Enabler
Releases based on open standards; OMA Multimedia Messaging v.1.2, OMA
Device Management v.1.1.2 and OMA Games Services v.1.0. These three
Enablers have passed the first phase of the OMA Release Program. In
addition, OMA Data Synchronization v.1.1.2 and OMA SyncML Common
v.1.1.2 have passed phase two of the OMA Release Program.
    The OMA Release Program includes three phases: Phase 1 being a
candidate Enabler Release available for product implementation; Phase
2 being an approved Enabler Release, which has undergone
interoperability testing based on those implementations; and Phase 3
which is a verified end-to-end interoperability release working
across several service enablers. OMA currently has thirteen Enabler
Releases in Phase 1, and three Enabler Releases in Phase 2 of the OMA
Release Program.
    In the last twelve months, OMA's Technical Plenary has hosted six
Technical Plenary meetings and conducted seven interoperability "Test
Fests." OMA Test Fests are designed to ensure technology
implementations from various vendors interoperate seamlessly. Recent
Test Fests have included testing Instant Messaging and Presence
Services (IMPS) 1.1, Data Synchronization 1.0.1, 1.1.1, Device
Management 1.1.1, and Multimedia Messaging (MMS) Enablers. Ninety-one
Tests have been conducted to date on various member companies'
products that have implemented the various specifications,
demonstrating a clear commitment by the membership to create
interoperability in the mobile industry.
    To date, OMA has completed the consolidation of six industry
forums which have continued to evolve their technical work in OMA:
SyncML initiative, Wireless Village, Location Interoperability Forum
(LIF), WAP Forum, Mobile Wireless Internet Forum (MWIF), and Mobile
Gaming Interoperability Forum (MGIF).
    Organization and Alliances
    OMA membership has increased 60 percent to more than 300
companies, with interests representing the entire mobile value chain
including: mobile operators, information technology companies,
wireless vendors and application and content providers. The OMA
members list can be found on the OMA website at
    In the past year, OMA has further strengthened its industry
alliance relationships by establishing liaison agreements with other
organizations and standards bodies to promote de-fragmentation in
the mobile standardisation arena. OMA has working relationships with
industry organizations such as 3GPP, 3GPP2, ETSI, GSMA, MOBEY Forum,
MPF, PayCircle.
    "OMA continues to gain momentum and our member companies see great
value as OMA continues to help move the mobile industry towards
improved interoperability globally," said Jari Alvinen, Chairman of
OMA's board of directors. "The industry will see continued
strengthening of OMA's interoperability programs and efficient
specifications development process. These are results of OMA's
partnerships with other industry organizations, our committed
membership and our effective operations."
    Notes to Editors
    The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) delivers open standards for the
mobile industry, helping to create interoperable services that work
across countries, operators and mobile terminals and are driven by
users' needs. To expand the mobile market, companies supporting the
Open Mobile Alliance will work to stimulate the fast and wide
adoption of a variety of new, enhanced mobile information,
communication and entertainment services. The Open Mobile Alliance
includes all key elements of the wireless value chain, and
contributes to the timely and efficient introduction of services and
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