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25.07.2003 – 08:11

Amlev Dershowitz Communications

The Charles Bronfman Prize Announces Call for Nominations For $100'000 Humanitarian Award

    NEW YORK, NY (ots)

The Charles Bronfman Prize announced that it is now accepting nominations for a new $100'000 Humanitarian Award. The Prize, created by the children of Charles Bronfman, celebrates the vision and talent of individuals whose accomplishments on behalf of others enrich Jewish life. The Prize honors those who inspire the emerging generation of Jewish people through the excellence of their achievements.

    The Prize is accepting nominations from around the world on behalf of individuals or a team of individuals under 50 years of age. The nominations process officially opened June 24 and closes October 20, 2003. The Award for this inaugural year will be presented in Spring 2004.

    In a statement, the founders said, "Our father has inspired his family as well as the Jewish world, always to seek new ways to serve the Jewish communities and to interpret and redefine Jewish life in modern society. We believe that now is the time to bring public recognition to young, vigorous leaders of Jewish life. As the Jewish world faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities, The Charles Bronfman Prize is poised to be a unique vehicle for reaffirming essential Jewish values."

    The Prize was conceived in honor of Charles Bronfman's 70th birthday. To ensure the broadest number of qualified nominees, the founders have restyled the original concept to include a formal call for nominations. "There may be many qualified candidates who, without the open call for nominations, would not be on our radar screen," said the founders.

    Nomination forms may be found at, by emailing or by calling 212-572-1035.

    The Charles Bronfman Prize Foundation, a United States 501(c3) corporation headquartered in New York will administer The Charles Bronfman Prize. Stephen Bronfman, Ellen Bronfman Hauptman, and Andrew Hauptman are Co-Chairs of the foundation.

      About the Founders

    Stephen Bronfman is Chairman of Claridge SRB Investments, Inc., a privately held company with worldwide interests in real estate, sports, entertainment, and food production. Mr. Bronfman sits on several boards of directors of including The Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts and The Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation. He is the president of the Stephen R. Bronfman Foundation. Andrew Hauptman and Ellen Bronfman Hauptman are Co-Chairmen of Andell Limited, a private investment company, of which Mr. Hauptman also serves as CEO. They are co-owners of Andell Entertainment which focuses on feature film productions and owns Mission Pictures, a London/Los Angeles-based production company. Ms. Bronfman is involved in numerous philanthropic pursuits including The Hauptman Family Foundation and the Zoe Saidye Hauptman Memorial Fund.

    About Charles Bronfman

    Charles Bronfman is Chairman of The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies Inc., a family of charitable foundations operating in Israel, the USA and Canada, whose mission is to develop, implement and support initiatives that help to strengthen the unity of the Jewish people.

    The Philanthropies are committed to encouraging young people to strengthen their knowledge and appreciation of their history, heritage and cultural identity. For more than half a century, Charles Bronfman has worked tirelessly as an international business leader and philanthropist. But his overriding passion is sustaining and creating Jewish life in a changing world.

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