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Mount Everest Ascent by 85-year-old British Woman - Worldwide Guessing Game Now Over

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      Seon (ots) - “85-year-old British Woman to climb Everest - with
her Dachshund, Daisy!” This story has been making headlines around
the world in newspapers, internet chat rooms, on the radio and on
news portals. It has been revealed that the plan by 85-year-old Mary
Woodbridge from Great Britain is nothing other than an extraordinary
publicity stunt by mountain sports specialist Mammut. The Swiss
quality leader in technical alpine clothing and gear is causing a
sensation in order to draw attention to the quality of its products.
In a global viral and cross-media campaign, Mammut is warning
mountain sports and climbing fanatics of the dangers of using its
equipment, which, it cautions, is so good that it can cause loss of
common sense - you only have to look at Mary, who bought herself a
Mammut jacket and suddenly found herself wanting to conquer Mount

    The Story

    Mary Woodbridge likes to take her dog for a daily walk, and buys herself a Mammut jacket to keep the wind and rain off. This completely untrained lowlander suddenly gets it into her head to climb Mount Everest - accompanied by her Dachshund, Daisy, and without oxygen or Sherpas. She announced the completely dotty venture late last December via her website Her self-produced videos are especially worth seeing: they show her training with Daisy, her fans urging her on enthusiastically. To help bring her plans to fruition and raise the profile of her website, Mary Woodbridge asked a number of mountain sports goods manufacturers last January whether they would be prepared to sponsor her, and she has been getting hints and tips from users of mountain sports forums around the world.

    Global Guessing Game

    News of the 85-year-old's Everest venture has spread like wildfire and Mary Woodbridge, her plans and her amusing website have quickly become famous: media from around the planet all report on the crazy undertaking and the lunatic website. The mountain sports fraternity is in two minds: should the elderly lady's venture be applauded, or should the men in white coats be called? The comments posted on the forums around the world and at are great fun and show that the target audience has taken the dottiness of Mary Woodbridge to its collective bosom.

    Puzzle Solved

    The Mary Woodbridge phenomenon is what is known as a “mockumentary”, a fictive story presented as if it were a documentary. “We chose this approach in order to reach the hardcore climbing and mountaineering scene, which is hard to get at using conventional advertising,” explained Mammut Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Gyssler. “We are delighted to have been able to use the entertaining Mary Woodbridge character to demonstrate that our products are indeed so good that using them can cause loss of common sense.” Visitors to are immediately made aware of Mammut warning notices, cautioning them not to emulate Mary Woodbridge: “Warning: Equipment this good can cause loss of common sense!”

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