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Gemtek Systems introduces new PWLAN product family - Innovative, end-to-end carrier-grade solutions for next generation public wireless LAN networks

    Amsterdam (ots) - Gemtek Systems, the leading manufacturer of carrier grade end-to-end PWLAN solutions for telecommunications companies  and mobile operators, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) and corporates implementing public access on their private networks, today launches its next generation Public WLAN product family for 2004. New products launched include the class-leading P-560 54Mbit/s scalable "hotspot-in-a-box" (for details see separate press release), the P-520 54Mbit/s Operator Access Point, the cost-effective G-4100 Public Access Controller, which can manage over 200 users simultaneously, and the E-820 remotely manageable Power-over-Ethernet (POE) switch providing for lower investment and operating costs.

    Gemtek Systems also announces its new GEOS (Gemtek Systems Enhanced Operating System) Bronze, Silver and Gold, three-stage licensing model, providing Gemtek Systems' customers with modular functionality, which can be tailored to meet both basic and more sophisticated business requirements. GEOS also enables all Gemtek Systems solutions to scale flexibly as demand increases at end-user locations. Single operator or multi-service provider solutions can be created quickly and simply. Centralised, de-centralised or hybrid network architectures are supported, and so backhaul flexibility is optimised as either dedicated operator or lower-cost standard broadband connections can be used without sacrificing advanced features at end-user locations.

    In addition to offering industry-leading total cost of ownership, each of the new products has been developed to incorporate the advanced security and manageability features required in tomorrow's carrier grade public access networks. These product announcements set new standards in this technology category and in effect introduce the next generation of carrier-grade public Wi-Fi  networks.

    "With its carrier-grade public access solutions, Gemtek Systems has been concentrating on the professional PWLAN market from the outset and occupies a unique position in this regard today. Thanks to intelligent features, scalability and high compatibility with the most common leading backend systems, we provide our clients with the kind of flexibility that is essential in this dynamic and highly competitive market!", says Massimo Fatato, Gemtek Systems' European General Manager.

    Gemtek Systems' new product family provides the flexibility to meet the wide variety of business models applying across national markets and even individual end-user locations. Powerful new features include the use of VLANS to deliver unique security and operator profiles to pre-defined user-groups, simultaneous UAM and 802.1x/EAP authentication, RADIUS Roaming with up to 32 RADIUS backend servers and Selective Source Routing. All features are in full compliance with the Wi-Fi Alliance and GSM Association roaming recommendations. Tamper-proof housing design, support for smart clients, WDS (Wireless Distribution System), automatic corporate IP/web proxy/SMTP address translation and Power-over Ethernet technology are standard product characteristics.

    These and other features offer high levels of flexibility, investment protection and return on investment for PWLAN deployment. Additionally, Gemtek Systems GEOS advanced management Proxy feature greatly simplifies configuration and remote management of large-scale WLAN networks and so underpins excellent TCO (total cost of ownership).


    Gemtek Systems is the world's leading supplier of carrier-grade Wi-Fi public access solutions. Gemtek Systems was founded in 2002 and is a spin-off of Gemtek Technology Co. Ltd [TAISDAQ: 4906], a leading global manufacturer of Wi-Fi and 802.11 products for the consumer, SOHO and enterprise markets. Gemtek Systems is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with operating companies across Europe, Asia and China. Gemtek Systems is the world's only vendor that is 100% dedicated to Wi-Fi public access solutions. Gemtek Systems is also the world's only supplier of full, end-to-end access networks for WISPs, telcos and mobile network operators. Gemtek Systems enables its customers to enjoy the additional benefits of integrated and optimized hotspot solutions beyond the features and functionality of a multi-vendor network.

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    Please refer to our website at for further details on our new P-560, P-520, G-4100 and E-820 products in addition to the other existing members of the Gemtek Systems family.

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