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Health Hero Network, Ltd.

Health Hero Network Introduces Disease Management Solutions in Europe at eHealth Conference

Brussels, Belgium (ots)

Universite Louis Pasteur Strasbourg
Invited to Demonstrate Health Hero Network Technology at 'The
Contribution of ICT to Health' Ministerial Conference and Exhibition
22-23 May -- Brussels
Health Hero Network, Ltd. was selected with Universite Louis
Pasteur (ULP) Strasbourg to present its Health Buddy(R) in-home
health monitoring technology and Internet solutions for disease
management today at "The Contribution of ICT to Health," a high-level
ministerial conference and exhibition sponsored by the European
Commission to promote advances in health care enabled by information
and communications technology (ICT). Representatives from ULP and
other affiliated European solution providers will join Health Hero
Network at the event in stand F1-05. The Health Hero® technology
solutions to be presented in Brussels include the Health Buddy®
in-home monitoring and communications devices for patients and the
iCare Desktop™ web-based care management tools and services for
care providers. The Health Hero approach has been demonstrated to
educate patients, improve medication compliance, and detect and
prevent problems before they become acute for a range of chronic
conditions including heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, pulmonary
disease, and asthma. ULP will discuss a new application of the Health
Hero platform for post-transplant care management to be demonstrated
through its transplantation center in Strasbourg.
"The model of care enabled by Health Hero Network allows
physicians to replace patient isolation and crisis with continuous
communications and support, which we believe will increase quality of
life for patients and improve outcomes for post-transplant patients
as it has done for other serious conditions," commented Jacques
Cinqualbre, MD, a member of ULP Strasbourg's transplantation team and
leader of the Health Hero implementation at ULP.
In addition to the implementation at ULP in France, Health Hero
Network is introducing its technology in Europe through a growing
network of solution providers. Solution providers attending the
conference include Abbey Healthcare, Ltd., a leading Irish medication
compliance management company, and Sananet B.V., an eHealth company
offering information and communication technology products and
services to improve the quality of health and social services in the
Netherlands. Health Hero Network, Ltd., based in Dublin, Ireland, is
the European affiliate of Health Hero Network, Inc., in Mountain
View, California.
"We look forward to meeting leaders in European government and
industry to discussing how information and communications technology
can cost-effectively modernize the healthcare delivery system to
better serve people with chronic conditions," noted Steve Brown,
Health Hero Network President and CEO. "Health Hero Network will
continue to partner with leading innovators in Europe to advance
chronic care to deal with the increasing demands resulting from an
aging population."
About Health Hero Network, Ltd.
Health Hero Network, Ltd. is the European affiliate of Health Hero
Network, Inc. Founded in 1988, Health Hero Network develops and
licenses technology solutions for health monitoring and management.
The Health Hero technology platform offers Internet-enabled care
management tools, multiple patient interfaces, and a secure
environment for data communications. The Company's products include
Health Buddy®, Buddylink™, Health Buddy® Web, other licensee
devices for data collection and communications with patients, and
iCare Desktop™, an Internet-based care management and research
tool for health care professionals. Health Hero offers over a dozen
standard health management programs delivering daily monitoring &
education, and promoting positive behavioral change for better
chronic care with lower costs to the health care system. Buddylink
allows patients to upload device-reported data from a variety of
peripheral devices. Health Hero Network technology is protected by
over 50 issued U.S. patents. Company headquarters are in Mountain
View, California. On the Net:


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Company: Health Hero Network, Ltd.
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