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At Least Eight Dead in Marseilles Hotel Fire

    PATTERSON, NY (ots) - Early yesterday morning a fire ripped through a Marseilles hotel killing eight people and injuring at least 17 others, one critically. At least four of the injured are children. The fire, cause of which is under investigation, began on the fourth floor of the hotel, burned uncontrolled through the story above and the roof causing a collapse. The building was not protected with an automatic fire sprinkler system.

    It is reported that the European Commission (EC) is currently studying issues relating to hotel fire safety. Unfortunately, recommendations made by the EC back in 1986 when a similar study of building standards was made, did not include fire sprinklers, but rather focused on passive measures such as extra staircases, structural fire resistance and limits on corridor lengths. None, of course, applied to existing construction.

    To address the issue of fire protection in existing structures, especially hotels, the European Fire Sprinkler Network or "The Network," headed by Alan Brinson, will be taking a leadership role in advancing the concept of fire sprinkler retrofit in the next EC recommendations. When asked for his thoughts on the deadly fire in Marseilles, John Viniello, Managing Director of the International Fire Sprinkler Association (IFSA), a major supporter of the European Fire Sprinkler Network said, "This is another tragic loss of life that could have been prevented if fire sprinklers had been installed. I hope the authorities and public policy makers will see the wisdom in retroactively installing fire sprinklers in these types of buildings to prevent a repeat of what has happened today."

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    The International Fire Sprinkler Association (IFSA), formed in 1999, is a not-for-profit organization created to promote and enhance the business of manufacturing and installing fire sprinkler, water spray, and water mist systems and devices in all buildings, from homes to high-rise, worldwide, with the highest degree of competence and professionalism, for the purpose of saving lives and protecting property.

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