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Belgium, UK, Australia Represented on .ORG Advisory Panel

    RESTON, VA (ots) - The Public Interest Registry (PIR) today
announced the appointment of an Advisory Council made up of
twenty-one international leaders representing a broad and
geographically diverse spectrum of the noncommercial community. The
Council is one of PIR's mechanisms to ensure that it is responsive to
the needs, concerns, and views of the global noncommercial Internet
    According to Edward G. Viltz, PIR's President and CEO, "Our
Advisory Council will serve as a key resource to incorporate
worldwide input on policies, strategies, programs and services
affecting the international noncommercial community. We intend to use
guidance from the Council to reinforce and expand .ORG's heritage as
the global home of noncommercial entities on the Internet. We are
fortunate to have this distinguished group of international
visionaries to assist PIR in developing these new initiatives."
    "This is an exceptional group of noncommercial community leaders
gathered from across the globe," said Lynn St. Amour, President and
CEO of the Internet Society (ISOC), the organization that created the
Public Interest Registry to manage the .ORG domain. "I am confident
they will make a significant contribution to fulfilling PIR's mission
to be a socially aware, publicly responsible registry. Many of the
Council members are also affiliated with ISOC, and therefore are able
to take advantage of the breadth of ISOC's international presence and
    Below is the list of Council members. Additional details on each
are available at www.pir.org.
    Calvin Browne, UniForum (South Africa)
    Pierre Dandjinou, UNDP (Senegal)
    Clement Dzidonu, Valley View University (Ghana)
    Pavan Duggal, Cyberlaws.net (India)
    S.S. Kshatriy (India)
    Walter G. Morton, Chamber of Commerce (Republic of Palau)
    Adam Peake, Glocom (Japan)
    Ian Peter (Australia)
    James Cronin, BBCi New Media (United Kingdom)
    Ben Laurie, A.L. Digital Ltd. (United Kingdom)
    Nadia Evelyn McLaren, Global Action Plan International (Belgium)
    Eric Tomson (Belgium)
    Michael Geist, University of Ottawa Law School (Canada)
    Michael Gilbert, Nonprofit Online News (United States - WA)
    Mark H. Moore, Kennedy School (United States - MA)
    Lori S. Schulman, March of Dimes (United States - DC)
    Barbara Simons, Association for Computing Machinery (United States
    - CA)
    Sylvia Cadena, Tropical Whitefly IPM Project (Colombia)
    Vany Martinez, LatinoamerICANN (Panama)
    Klaus Stoll, Fundacion Chasquinet (Ecuador)
    YJ Park (Korea)
    About .ORG
    The .ORG domain, which has come to be associated with
noncommercial activities, is the Internet's third-largest "generic"
or non-country-specific top-level domain (behind .COM and .NET),
housing over 2.7 million domain names worldwide. Late last year, the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Board of
Directors selected ISOC's proposal from among 11 organizations
bidding to operate the .ORG top-level domain. VeriSign Global
Registry Services' contract as registry operator for .ORG expired on
December 31, 2002. PIR assumed control of the registry on January 1,
    About PIR
    Public Interest Registry (www.pir.org) is a not-for-profit
corporation created by the Internet Society to manage the .ORG
domain. PIR's mission is to manage the .ORG domain in a way that
supports the continuing evolution of the Internet as a research,
education and communications infrastructure, and educates and
empowers the noncommercial community to most effectively utilize the
Internet. PIR is based in Reston, Virginia.
    PIR was created by the Internet Society (www.ISOC.org). ISOC is a
not-for-profit, open membership organization founded in 1991and is
dedicated to ensuring the open evolution, development and use of the
Internet for the benefit of all people. It provides leadership in
addressing issues that confront the future of the Internet, and is
the organizational home for many of the groups responsible for
Internet standards.
    For additional information on PIR and the .ORG registry please
visit www.pir.org.
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