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22.07.2015 – 09:19


KfW backing a world first: educating young people via their smart phones in South Africa

Frankfurt am Main (ots)

   - Digital platform launched for up to a million young people 
     between the ages of 10 and 24
   - Contribution to reducing HIV infection rates
   - Points system provides incentive for young target group to 
     change their behaviour 

KfW is providing grants with a total volume of EUR 2 million to support the South African non-governmental organisation "LoveLife" on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The new digital platform developed by the NGO launches today. The platform will reach up to one million young people between the ages of 10 and 24 via their smart phones, in the form of videos, articles, quizzes and surveys on subjects relating to HIV education and prevention as well as teenage life in South Africa. One of the project's core elements involves using a points system to provide an incentive for less risky sexual behaviour and to have a positive impact on the health and lifestyle of young adults. Points are awarded for taking part in certain activities such as an HIV test, with associated prizes.

"This innovative programme breaks new ground in the field of HIV prevention, is specifically aimed at the young target group, seeks to change their behaviour in the long term, and in so doing improves the prospects for young South Africans. The urgent need for action is highlighted by the fact that 470,000 new cases of HIV infection are reported every year in South Africa," said Dr Norbert Kloppenburg, member of KfW Group's Executive Board.

KfW is financing the costs of implementation and the associated extension of the project's range. The project is part of an umbrella HIV prevention programme with a particular focus on high-risk groups in South Africa and a total volume of EUR 25 million.

On behalf of the German Federal Government, KfW Development Bank has provided around EUR 1 billion to South Africa for projects since 1994 (budget funds of around EUR 180 million, KfW funds of around EUR 820 million), mainly in the key areas of climate and energy, the prevention of violence and combating HIV.

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