Holding arrangement concluded between KfW and German Federal government

    Frankfurt/Main (ots) - In the context of a further holding arrangement KfW yesterday acquired shares of Deutsche Telekom AG (Telekom) and Deutsche Post (Post) from the German Federal government. The arrangement covers altogether 4.7 % (approximately 199 million shares) of the share capital of Telekom and 30 % (approximately 334 million shares) of the Post. As a result KfW will hold stakes of about 16.7 percent (approximately 703 million shares) in Telekom and 48.3 percent (approximately 537 million shares) in the Post. The purchase price is EUR 5.5 billion.

    As was the case with previous holding arrangements, KfW acquires the shares at a clear discount to the current market price. At the same time the federal government receives a debtor warrant, according to which KfW has to pay any excess proceeds earned when the shares are resold on the market to the government. In July of this year KfW for the first time placed EUR 5 billion of bonds exchangeable into shares of Telekom in the capital market.

    In the framework of the transaction KfW also receives a subordinated loan of EUR 500 million from the Federal government. Interest on the loan will be in line with market conditions. Thus, the share purchases will not have any adverse effect on KfW's equity ratio. KfW's promotional strength is fully retained in the future.

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