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RAD Data Communications and Axerra Networks Successfully Demonstrate Interoperability Between IPmux-1 Gateway and AXN Multiservice IP Concentrator

    Tel Aviv, Israel and Boca Raton, FL (ots) - Major Step Forward to Comprehensive Solution for Migration of Legacy Services Over Ethernet/IP Networks          RAD Data Communications, an international manufacturer of access equipment for data communications and telecommunications solutions and the leading developer of TDMoIP technology and products, and Axerra Networks, the leading developer of Multiservice over Internet Protocol (MSoIP™) products, today announced the successful conclusion of interoperability testing between the IPmux-1 customer located TDM over IP (TDMoIP) Gateway and the AXN Multiservice IP Concentrator with Circuit Emulation Service over IP (CESoIP) support. The test simulated connecting multiple single-port IPmux-1 devices deployed at the customer premises and an AXN Multiservice IP Concentrator installed at the Central Office. The demonstration included both fractional E1/T1 as well as unframed E1/T1 traffic, replicating the source clock originating at the Central Office. Working in tandem, RAD's IPmux and Axerra's AXN enable users to migrate legacy voice, video, and data traffic, as well as LAN, over large, complex Ethernet/IP networks and benefit from the advantages that both product lines have to offer.          "Adding the ability to work opposite a large multiservice platform such as the AXN from Axerra to RAD's IPmux-1 will open new opportunities for connecting large and complex corporate legacy networks over carriers' Next Generation networks," says Tal Gilad, TDMoIP Product Manager at RAD Data Communications. "This complements our existing line of solutions which already supports over 2,500 TDM circuits in enterprise and service provider packet switched networks worldwide."          "Service providers can benefit from an optimized solution to connect customers' legacy PBXs to Class 5 switches over IP/Ethernet using a low-cost single-port device at the customer premises and a scalable carrier-class concentrator that supports a wide range of interfaces at the Central Office," explains Ronen Ostri, director of product management, of Axerra Networks.          RAD's IPmux-1 is a high performance, low cost and simple device for transparently transporting one T1/E1 circuit over Ethernet/IP packet switched networks. It is part of the IPmux family of TDMoIP Gateways, supporting T1/E1 and T3/E3 circuits - voice, data, and video as well as LAN - over Ethernet/IP packet switched networks.          The Axerra AXN Multiservice IP Concentrators are a new class of product that supports all voice and data services over unified IP, IP/MPLS and metro Ethernet networks, while furnishing the Quality of Service, reliability and security on which users depend. AXN concentrators support both legacy (leased line, Frame Relay, ATM and circuit-switched voice) and native IP (IPoFR, IPoPPP) services. Axerra's AXN Multiservice IP Concentrator product family meets the exacting demands of service providers. It provides a modular, high- availability, carrier-class platform, and is designed for easy scalability to pace network growth.          About RAD Data Communications          Established in 1981, privately owned RAD Data Communications (www.rad.com) has achieved international recognition as a major manufacturer of high quality access equipment for data communications and telecommunications applications. These solutions serve the data and voice access requirements of service providers, incumbent and new carriers, and enterprise networks, by reducing infrastructure investment costs while boosting competitiveness and profitability. The company's installed base exceeds 8,000,000 units and includes more than 150 carriers and operators around the world. These customers are supported by 19 RAD offices and more than 200 distributors in 109 countries.          RAD is a member of the RAD Group of companies, a world leader in networking and internetworking product solutions.          About Axerra Networks Inc.          Established as Axerra Networks in November 2000, and located in Boca Raton, Florida, the company develops, manufactures and markets products for the emerging market of Multiservice over IP. Axerra's Multiservice over IP Concentrator is the only product on the market that gives carriers the ability to unlock the power of their IP networks by integrating legacy services, such as Frame Relay, ATM, and Leased Line, together with emerging IP services over unified IP, IP/MPLS, and metro Ethernet networks. For more information, please contact: info@axerra.com.

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